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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

You are going to find yourself on the other side

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

There is a clear line on any journey where we stop trying to convince others to like us, to love us, to approve of us & turn inwards to be all those things for ourselves. Letting people go to invest in yourself for a change, is a change worth pushing through...

In healing, our days tend to linger in moments between contentment & joy while the redundant thoughts that aren't true anymore gently drift away...

But we have to do the work to get there & for that I have updated the Workbook called "Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds"

use this link to share it with your friends

Do you have weeds (bad habits & negative thought patterns) in your life? Then you can start to get to grips with at least one of them today by using the Workbook ;)

Taking back what is meant for you by letting go of all of the approval from others & being in tune with the things that are good for you brings so much more happiness our way, don't you think? It is a real gift to see what we need while taking care of those deeper self-worth needs. Simply put, a basic human need of love isn't something to be a put last on the "to-do" list; it must be a priority. Much of it is as important as feeding your body nourishing food or going to sleep at a reasonable hour. You shouldn't have to ask for it, it needs to be automatic, unconditional...

Over the years my friend circles refined as I began to have an inner-understanding of how important it is to be mindful of what we talk about, how we spend our time together & what each of us are receiving out of our relationships.

Think of it like this... since you've stepped into this new year with the full intention of being a new you, are the relationships on your journey ones of highlighted moments or do they turn your hair grey?

One thing I know for sure is that having the right kind of people around us can help us take off in great ways...

In the same breath, we can often be taken off our path by well-meaning friends who don't have their own lives in order, but tend to have so much advice on how to run yours! So, this is what I've learned about relationships in general...

“Most people prioritise being liked over being happy. And so, likeability has very much become about how you fit into someone else's projection & being disliked is somewhat inevitable if you don't! I say; choose your friends, nope, scratch that, choose your happiness instead.”

Just invest time to do what your heart desires. We are given so many insights to see & understand ourselves so that we can become our best. Opportunities to step out from under those Dream Crushing Weeds we've gather on our journey through turmoil to actually shine our light & blossom into a life worth living in.

So, if you find yourself here again, trying to overcome a few weeds, maybe it is time to take another look at the updated version of the Dream Crushing Weeds Resource. Simply download it here & work on one page a day to see where you may still be gathering weed instead of the sowing the seeds of possibility.

This quote, "Your New Life is Going to Cost You Your Old One...." by Brianna Wiest struck a cord with me last week & became a hot topic soon after. It goes like this:

"Your new life is going to cost you your old one.

It’s going to cost you your comfort zone and your sense of direction.

It’s going to cost you relationships and friends.

It’s going to cost you being liked and understood.

But it doesn’t matter.

Because the people who are meant for you

are going to meet you on the other side.

And you’re going to build a new comfort zone

around the things that actually move you forward.

And instead of liked, you’re going to be loved...

Instead of understood, you’re going to be seen...

All you’re going to lose is what was built for a person you no longer are.

Let it go."

Let's be friends on Instagram, find me @tanyajdewet

It is my hope to share more inspiring stories with you about how I overcame struggles in my life through creativity & finding something I loved doing inside the pages of a Sketchbook.

Who knew a bunch of flowers & a Sketchbook could ever turn into a Creative Career I love so much???

And today, you might just be in the right place, reading this Blog Article because you have been looking to take on a little creative practice. Or maybe you feel like meeting other Artists who have made beautiful Creative Careers out of their passions...

Come, let me introduce you to my mentor, Bonnie Christine.

She just shared this amazing thing with us where she collaborated with 60 of her students to bring you 60 unique ways to create an income from your artwork!

Each sharing their success in 60 seconds on a 60 minute playlist!

Talk about a great resource, it's so good that I had to share it with you right away... WOW, what an absolute game changer, I can tell that this 60 minute playlist is going to open your eyes to the possibilities of what simple strategies can look like in the pursuit of finding what you want to create for yourself.

Never before have I felt so deeply inspired!!!

Okay. You can click on any image, it will take you directly to the sign up page & there you simply fill in your name & email address to get this free resource with the printable PDF to follow along & make your own notes.

I loved it & when you go to watch it, you'll see why ;)

Once you fall in love with your life, your real Romance & Love Story begins to play out as it was always supposed to. Not in the shadows of another, not above someone else, but rather on a journey where your own path to greatness is revealed... walking, learning about you & seeing the world through the eyes of a Co-Creator.

Digging yourself out from the sadness, the worry, the troubles, yes to all those failures too... to see how you've faced them all & could finally stand tall on that heap of troubles to overlook the fields of seeds you've created to fill your life with the the things that make you , you. Eventually knowing, only you could find this beauty.

Seeing your life unfold, maybe for the first time ever;

noticing the real love story held by your precious heart & keeping the path open for the excitement of change you might need to get there!

Much Love

xo Tanya

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