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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

You have time now - Make the best of the Sketchbook Retreat

You only need a few minutes to unwind & find a rhythm.

Before we begin, remember to click the sound button on the video. I turned it off as to not startle you when the video begins. Many friends who join, prefer to watch a video or so to see what to do first. This can be soothing in itself, especially if you haven't done regular imaginary Sketchbook work or when it's your first time with me

In the first video, we'll prepare to relax with just a few supplies & if you don't have a Sketchbook yet, just fold one from a sheet of paper. Allow me to show you really quickly how to do that in this video.

A pencil will do & any other supplier, like markers, coloured pencils, natural ink from a few Blogs Articles before & when you do have watercolours or ink, it could be a quick start . And when you really don't have any of these supplies, that's okay, you can sit back & binge watch all the videos & still print out the Bookmarks & share them with your friends.

There is really something wonderful about sharing... So, you can right click, save & print these beautiful bookmarks with the people in your life. Who knows, maybe you & a friend can do the Sketchbook Retreat together.

One of these days I might just be hosting an in person Sketchbook Retreat in your area & if that is something you are interested in, let me know by replying to any of your recent emails.

And before I forget, we are going to do a live call on the last Thursday of December (It will be on the 30th of December @ 2pm AEST) & I'll send out reminder emails with the links a day or two before the live call. I'll be chatting with you about the questions I received over the past few weeks & while we do that, I'll do another draw & paint demo in my Sketchbook Journal.

See you soon & Merry Christmas to all who celebrate with a wish for a Happy Holiday Season.




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