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"Tanya, I feel deeply blessed to be amongst the Flowers you've nurtured back to life. I just cannot imagine my days without the sketchbook practices you teach. For so long I felt 'stuck’ and needed someone to help me move forward. Once I listened an applied some of your lessons I felt at ease and found a way to push through the uncertain times with much more clarity about my gifts of creative expression... Before now I was a lonely human being stuck in a rut pitying myself. Now I feel empowered to take action in doing what loved. You showed me how I can help myself and others to feel as inspired as you made me feel...

Thank you for helping me see the magical thread that runs through my life and how to choose to see my gifts in the pain that will lead to healing.

I appreciate you Tanya, you are gold!"

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Riekie from FreedomWell said:

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This is what other students have said about Me & what I've done for them:

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L. Delacroix said:

"Xxxxxxx... thank you Tanya, I am thoroughly enjoying doing this for myself. It's right up there with the love you share for humans which warms my heart:)"


Belinda Stewart said:

“I have been having lots of A-ha moments thanks to you… xxxx’s project is actually really coming together, and I'm organizing an exhibition next summer… I have so many ideas… I've actually been freed up and majorly productive with something that's super important to me and that I've been stuck on. And it's been EASY!!!!!!!!!!!! So again a massive 'thank you' to you, my wonderful mentor.”

Sabra from Castles in the Skye said:

"Tanya, I feel so blessed to find you amongst the flowers  Literally! ...I have been healing from emotional abuse for the last few years, but I felt stuck’ and needed help honing in on moving forward with my purpose. I immediately entered into a state of ease in the beginning of our first call. Though I feel I am currently pushing through the uncertain times as a boat floats through the fog; I feel much more clarity about my gift of creative expression that must be shared with the world (even if I don’t feel ‘ready’) I must take action.

By you doing what you love, Tanya, it inspires & awakens the hearts of others.

Thank you for helping me see that there really is a magical theme running through stages of my life.

Our castle (and our higher self) is there to help us harness the power of potential within, so we can choose to see the gift in our pain and live to our fullest potential …so I’m saving every stone thrown my way and I’ll be using them to build my castles!" 

Sophia S. said:

"I hear your heart in every word you share... I need to show up for me more often. I am so happy I found you, you really are the human heart I needed to show me the way back to myself! Thank you beautiful Tanya."

Anonymous from Lakes Entrance:

"I have never felt so inspired by one person... her way of speaking and doing creative things while living a mindful life encouraged me to start taking care of myself in a big way."

In Person Student said:

"She is really artistic and I never thought I would be learning creativity, life mastery and art concepts from a self-taught artist but it has cleared up misconceptions I had since my University days.

Where were you 10 years ago?..."

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