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01 Postcard

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Riekie from FreedomWell said:

Thank you for helping me see the magical thread that runs through my life and how to choose to see my gifts in the pain that will lead to healing.

I appreciate you Tanya, you are gold!"

"Tanya, I feel deeply blessed to be amongst the Flowers you've nurtured back to life. I just cannot imagine my days without the sketchbook practices you teach. For so long I felt 'stuck’ and needed someone to help me move forward. Once I listened an applied some of your lessons I felt at ease and found a way to push through the uncertain times with much more clarity about my gifts of creative expression... Before now I was a lonely human being stuck in a rut pitying myself. Now I feel empowered to take action in doing what loved. You showed me how I can help myself and others to feel as inspired as you made me feel...

Bethany said:

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This Self-Mastery Membership will give you a way to unconditionally fall in love with you life. Its a way to begin taking care of yourself, find balance & become more in touch with your wellbeing. How you use the easy creative practices depends on you & while all the possibilities can influence your mindfulness, it also gives you a peaceful approach to live a life filled with more joy & happiness. Results are not guaranteed, however, you'll benefit greatly when you apply the techniques on yourself & in your life with as little as 10-15 minutes a day. There will be enough time in your days to fully immerse yourself in gratitude practices if you choose to & discover the power of forgiving the past to move forward. Through monthly guidance you'll capture your creative spark & rekindle your purpose with the array of themed topics designed to build your confidence & ensure progress.

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