Abstract Flowers Workshop

Abstract Flowers Workshop


An Acrylic paint Workshop filled with Abstract Flowers that you can customise & Figure cut outs you can replace with anything else you like. Once you know how to make the elements you'll need, you are probably going to buy some more canvases for more painting sessions.


We go through all the layering strategies and use colour play and discovery with loads of paint techniques to apply in your own paintings. You will have many inspirational moments during the lessons and have more fun with paint than you ever imagined.


With this Workshop, you'll have FUN & CREATIVITY all rolled into easy to follow lessons that you can pause, rewind and fast forward with a simply stunning PDF Layout Lesson plan to follow. 

  • Let’s take a quick look at what’s inside

    What you can expect with the Abstract Flowers Workshop?

    Firstly, we are going to paint Abstract Flowers in acrylic paint.

    We are also going to fill our background with interesting textures and techniques. There are two flower masks you can use and if you’ve seen figures behind the flowers, you’ve spotted my figure cut outs too. These guys are also included in this workshop for you to download.

    Everything will be easy to follow and you can always change the colours and develop your colour palette according to your needs.  The possibilities are endless and exploration of new colour palettes are always fun.

    We’ll finish off the Abstract Flowers Workshop course with final varnish touches while I demonstrate and talk about my best strategies and the reasons why I finish the surfaces with varnish.

    I’ll show you how to attach the hardware according to Gallery standards, so that it is ready to hang or sell, long before you pack away your paint supplies and clear the table.

    This Workshop was created for:

    -All skill level creative fans

    -Budding Artists

    -Stuck in a rut collegues and creative friends

    -For pleasure seekers who enjoy Art in their homes

    -and to get your creative juices flowing again after a dry spell.

    Livening up a dull spot on a wall, making a gift for a loved one and even to brighten your days if you’re waiting for your flowers to bloom again.

    This Abstract Flowers Workshop is bound to help you feel better and boost your confidence when it comes to painting.

  • Lesson Layout

    Complete Workshop PDF with 12 Lessons, 1 extra video + a Bonus Video exclusive to this Workshop, all with active links. 

    This way, you don't have to print it out anything or go looking for your lessons on another platform. Work directly online, right next to your video footage, as if I'm right there next to you. You can pause to get something, take a break and even speed through once you're more confident.

    12 Complete Video Lessons

    With me, you'll never have to watch through hours of fluff or unrelated content. You can get to know me in other ways. I get right to the content you paid for and start you off strong! The video's are easy to follow and even easier to impliment.

    Lesson 1 - What you’ll need?

    Lesson 2 - Inspiration.

    Lesson 3 - Here is my workspace.

    Lesson 4 - Prepare the canvas.

    Lesson 5 - Get the masks ready.

    Lesson 6 - Adding colour to the flowers.

    Lesson 7 - First mask layers.

    Lesson 8 - Making the figures.

    Lesson 9 - Reveal the flowers.

    Lesson 10 - Adding details.

    Lesson 11 - Varnish the painting.

    Lesson 12 - Adding the hardware.

    Bonus Video!

    The extra bonus video is unedited and you can sit back after you've reached your personal milestones with this Workshop and just bingewatch how I kick back with a large drawing session of my own. If you've ever wondered what I do with my left-over paint, then this video is for you. 

    Guess what, when you are a little bit stuck in the beginning, I recommend you start with this video and build your courage with a blast of PINK INSPIRATION!

  • File information

    The PDF is an Online Document containing your active links. 

    - The links are only active Online

    - It can not be printed 

    - All your written lesson information and extra details are on the PDF

    - Videos are played on an Unlisted YouTube playlist which only you have access to as your links are unique to your purchase. The links are only given to "Paying Customers"

    - No refunds are given

    - Full Technical support via email correspondance. Simply take a screenshot of the technical issue, send us a short description of the event and we'll tend to it as soon as humanly possible.  


  • Terms & Conditions

    - Full Technical support via email correspondance. Simply take a screenshot of the technical issue, send us a short description of the event and we'll tend to it as soon as humanly possible.  

    -For personal assistance, you can book a 15 minute session at my "Online Bookings Tab" as I have set aside some time to connect with you directly. Please note that this is not a free service and you'll be charged my hourly rate in accordance to the time table. Please email us first and we can resolve it through the written word, as long as you describe it clearly. 

    - No refunds are given to any digital Workshops or Courses taken on our Website


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