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Product & Description

🌸Introducing the "Powerful Floral Remedies Colouring Book"🌸

Rediscover the magic of connecting with nature and yourself through the therapeutic art of colouring!


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What's Inside:

  • 72 pages of Floral Inspiration
  • Flower Remedies
  • Exquisite hand-drawn Floral illustrations
  • Emotional wellbeing & relaxation
  • Foster a positive daily habit
  • Rediscover inner joy


🎁 Perfect for Gifting:

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Share this coloring book with a loved one & help them nurture their wellbeing


📚 A Message from the Author:

Author Tanya J. de Wet is thrilled to bring you this beautiful gift into the world. It's a journey to connect with yourself & fall in love with the floral realm. By calling in the natural essense of Flowers you'll experience a release, a connection & experience creative play.


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Connect with nature. Connect with yourself. Live happily ever after, one colorful page at a time. 

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Hi beautiful Creative Hearts,


The Powerful Floral Remedies Colouring Book shares the floral essences in a way that help you to deeply connect with the best parts of yourself through a colouring experience to warm your heart. Play for a few minutes every day to revive your mind & guide your senses into relaxation.


It's such a pleasure to bring this beautiful gift into the world. May you enjoy the moments to connect to yourself & fall in love with the floral realm of abundance, recovery & healing in the most creative way.


Much Love

xo Tanya


PS: Remember, You Get One Entry To Win Your Copy for FREE!


Powerful Floral Remedies for Modern Lifestyles