Travel Sketchbook

Travel Sketchbook


These hand crafted, one of a kind, limited edition Travel Sketchbooks are perfect for the Watercolour enthusiast, the Urban Sketcher and Plain Air Artist. It can also be enjoyed by the Sketchbook lovers and are a perfect gift for anyone with a fondness for unique items.


It measures close to a standard A5 book size. This sensible size makes it the perfect travel companion.


The Travel Sketchbook was maticulously hand crafted and contains a variety of surfaces to create on. The pages in the Travel Sketchbooks are an ensamble of a variety selected for the six versions of the Travel Sketchbooks. Here is a list of materials that make up the Travel Sketchbook:

 - an extra firm hardboard spine that's enforced with Forest Green binding tape

- the front and back covers are from recycled craft board

- 16 pages of 300gsm 100% cotton watercolour paper surfaces throughout

- 8 pages, atlas/map/coordinates from a repurposed world atlas

- 8 pages, recycled craft board surfaces throughout

- 8 pages, pre-gessoed canvas surfaces throughout

- 8 pages, Belgium linen canvas (not gessoed) surfaces throughout

- hand sewn on the spine, hand bound and glued 

- reinforced with archival cotton tape and carefully trimmed by hand,


The combination of sheets in this Travel Sketchbook was carefully selected to provide a wide variety of surfaces in one binding.

The Watercolour sheets are cold pressed with a "silky/glidable" seizing.The synthetic canvas pages are re-gessoed with a matte gesso from Liquitex.

The Raw Linen pages are not pre-treated to prevent shrinkage, although a thin layer of starch is applied during the manufacturing process.

The recycled craft board pages are sourced from sustainable, FSC sources and are an excellent surface to drae on with pencils.

The glue, cotton bookbinding tape, binding thread and Artist surfaces are acid free. The world atlas inserts can be treated with gesso or matt medium prior to use to ensure their longevity and to prevent yellowing.


It is simply uncomplicated in it's design and yet at the same time excuisitely unique. A Travel Sketchbook companion you can treasure for years to come.


The Travel Sketchbook will be neatly packaged with recycled packaging or other recycled materials. Please reuse the ones you get in the mail if you are able to. For gifting, a personal note can be added to the order, we have provided an area for you to add the correct spelling of the information/notation/wording of the note.


The book has the logo on the back cover as a label that is easy to remove.


PS: We may include a small surprise (we always do)

  • Care Instructions

    Please do not force your Travel Sketchbook open. The spine is enforced to ensure it's lifespan. As it is a hand crafted item, it will need some gentle coaching over time to fully lie flat. Be patient with the spine and gentle patients will ensure a very rewarding experience.

  • Limited Editions Policy

    Due to the nature of the Limited Editions, we are unable to accept any returns once the parcel/package has been opened.


  • Shipping information

    - The product weight is .245grams and shipping costs will be determined when you add in your shipping details for delivery.

    - Parcels are preocessed as soon as payment has been cleared. Packages will be wrapped and sent out within 24 hours of receipt of payment confirmation.


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