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Sketchbook Lovers: PaidPlans

What's included in the Self-Mastery Membership

  • An Inspiring Theme Every Month

  • Motivational Conversations

  • Inspirational Downloads to help You Grow

  • The Best Guided Meditation Sessions 

  • Mindset Activities & Tutorials

  • Access to all the Group Call Replays

What makes this Membership stand out?

  • You have my full support throughout

  • We Work on Keeping You Connected

  • And Make Everything Available ASAP

You'll also Receive an Exclusive Gift Packs

That Contains the Collectable Monthly Postcards 

(The Digital Version is available for the Monthly sign-ups)

I am so excited to Help You find the Connection

To What Your Mind Desires, Your Hands Want to Create & Your Beautiful Heart Wants to Live for!

 All of it Available NOW 


The Self-Mastery Membership & the Sketchbook Journal Group Is hosted by:  Tanya J. de Wet

  • You'll be the one who has an inner-understanding of Love

  • Your Human Needs will be met by Your Input

  • Your Heart will Transform

  • Your Mind will Blossom into a Beautiful Place of peace

  • The Desire to Design Your Dream Life will be a Reality

  • Living the Fulfilled Way of Life with little Joyful moments to Share

  • Worries melted away because You Are Taking Care of You

You Are Heading Towards the Life of Your Dreams when You join the Self Transformational Power 

That Creates Balance  a Well-rounded Human

Who  follows Their Hearts Passions & Take Control of Their Mind,

Their Body & Their Souls Purpose

Giving You a New Perspective on Your Beautiful Life's Journey

with weekly lessons aimed towards Your 

Whole Human Wellness Path

The Themes Help You to Apply Strategies

That Keep You Progressing Towards Growth

in Measurable, Meaningful Ways

While Watching as Your Life Unfolds & Welcomes You Back to the Natural States of Joy & Happiness just Like You Wanted in the First Place

A Fairy Tale Life is Made
of Dreams just like Yours


Develop higher thinking modalities

to see the world through the lens of a Co-Creator

Draw on Your Creative side...

hidden, undiscovered or known,

to fill Your Mind & Heart with skills of Mastery

Find Freedom in Self-expression

Build A Growth Mindset & Attitude

Learn when to add a Timely Rejuvenation Session into Your Habits

By Sprinkling Resilience through your entire life to bring about

Whole Human Wellness

"Did you know that Whole Human Wellness Builds Better Life Skills?"


It is my deepest desire for you to

Fall in Love with Your Life!


- Mindful Practices

- Mindset Strategies & a Positive Outlook 

- Creative Play Sessions Designed to Relax You

- Guidance to have your voice heard & to stand by You for Your Needs

Heartfelt Conversations during Live Calls 


- Strategic Worksheets

- Lesson Guides

- Case Studies

- Meditation Sessions

- Relationship Insights 

- Tips & Resources

- Essential Oil Blends for you, the home & family

- With so many freebies to share


- Expanded Self-Studies

- Free Mini Workshops

- How-to projects

- Guided Chats

- Philosopher Studies

- Book Recommendations

- And more Personal Development Contents to Build on Your Dream-life


- Personalised Interaction

- Super simple Platform

- Lesson Reminders

- Live Calls 

- First in line Offers

- Video Tutorials

- I'll even put in a few Special Lesson Requests

And you'll have a Private, Inclusive Group where your voice matters 

Who am I? 
I am Tanya, The Author of Welcome Home & the Bringer of Joy!

"Here to Helping You Find the Joy in Your Life"

Dedication to Guide You through Your New Life's Journey

 to Build Your Dream with Dedicated Themes to Enrich Your Personal Growth, Elevate Your Mind & Nurture the Beautiful Healthy Life You Want

Helping to set Your sights on steps when it matters

All to bring you the knowledge to use right away 

You'll have many Joyful Hours along Your beautiful Co-Creative Journey

 Through the path of Personal Creative Transformation,

Much of Your Heart's Desires will Come to Life & the Beauty You Deserve will Shine Through

 You'll be handed the keys to Whole Human Wellness that Leads to a Life Well-Lived! 

You Will get Your Power Back, I Promise!


Life is meant to be Rewarding while We Pursue Our Happiness


Set Your Choices in Motion & Grab a Helping Hand that Cares About Your Feelings & Who Will Help You Find Strength

Allow Yourself to Move Forward Towards Your Calling & Live Life on Your Terms


Feel Nurtured - Positive - Savour Special Moments - Blossom - Grow

All of these are Ingredients to Your New Happy Life

 and it is all yours for the taking today! 

Your Journey to Self-Mastery Begins Today

Knowing who you are & what you can become is priceless

  • Self-Mastery Monthly

    Every month
    • - Unlimited Access to All Contents
    • - Exclusive Videos Just for Us
    • - Amazing Resources That's Helped Hundreds of Women
    • - Live Group Calls, Demo's, Q & A Sessions + all the REPLAYS
    • - Themes To Elevate Your Resilience
    • - Guided Meditations to Set the Mood for Your Day
    • - Personal Guidance & Support From Me
    • - Unstoppable Transformation
    • - Creativity & Bliss
  • Self-Mastery Yearly

    Every year
    For the Art of Self Mastery & Purpose
    • Everything PLUS:
    • The 21-Day Mindful Sketchbook Practices Course
    • The Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds Workshop
    • Perfect Project Planning Workshop
    • The Welcome Pack with all 12 Postcards + goodies in the Mail
  • Creative Conscious Business Retreat

    • Creative Careers Retreat

The Membership Fee is a Recurring Monthly Payment. New Contents is added Weekly, According to the Monthly Theme/Topic or Series. YOU'LL have full Access to all the Workbooks, PDF Sheets, Videos, Images, Photography References & ALL things Related to the SELF-MASTERY Membership, including Blog Acess as set out above. My promise to YOU is of Relevant & Regular Creative Contents in an Easy Format that helps YOU to Blossoms & Grow. An Interactive Thriving Community is Forming as we Speak. It is a Warm-Hearted Space Wherein WE Build Each Other Up Through Positive Remarks & a Shared Love of OUR Creative Journeys. Choosing to Cancel Your Membership will Automatically Disqualify Your Discount Codes for Special Products, Access to Participate in the SELF-MASTERY Membership Contents It is Your Resposibility to keep Your Banking Details Updated. Please Regulate the Contents You Share & Remain Kind in All Situations. Report Online Bullying Immediately via Email.

 What Other Co-Creators 
have to say about their progress 

Belle Stewart

Belle's Paintbrushes.jpg

I've been having lots of A-ha moments thanks to you & the Workbooks!

I've actually been freed up and majorly productive with something that's super important to me and that I've been stuck on.

And now it's become EASY to show up!!!!!!!!!!!!


So again, a massive thank you to you,

My Wonderful Mentor xo 

Discover your path to the life you want to live


After a 24 year Hairstyling Career I deeply adored, a time came along to change, so I did!


Now I'm living Happily Ever After

I'll Show You How to love your life... maybe for the first time ever...


Self-Mastery really is the only way to become

Your Best Version

~Monthly Or Yearly Plans available Here!~

© Andsodesigns - Tanya J. de Wet

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