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Sketchbook Lovers: PaidPlans

The Self-Mastery Membership & the Sketchbook Journal Group Is hosted by:  Tanya J. de Wet

 Self-Taught Artist, Reiki Master, Entrepreneur, Author & Joy-seeker


 Understand Your Human Needs

Transform Your Mind into a Beautiful Place

Design Your Dream Life

Live fulfilled in little Joyful moments

Do you know who you want to become 

or where you're heading in life?

 Let's me help you to Love Your Life; One Day at a Time 


Better Habits

 a well-rounded creative practice...

...That allows you to take control of Your Mind,

Your Body & Your Souls Purpose.

Giving You a new perspective on Your Life's Journey

with weekly lessons aimed towards

Whole Human Wellness

The Monthly Themes & Topics help You to apply strategies,

keep track of your progress to Grow in a measurable, meaningful way.

Watch or listen to the sessions in a time that suits Your routines & availability!

A Fairy Tale Life is Made by
Action towards Your Dreams

"We are only here to create for a short while & in knowing this; I remind myself to take every moment to heart & create the life I want to live!"




You'll gradually develop higher thinking modalities

to see the world through the lens of a Co-Creator

Draw on Your Creative side;

hidden, undiscovered or known,

to fill Your Mind & Heart with skills of Mastery

Find Freedom in Self-expression

Build A Growth Mindset & Attitude

Learn when to add a Timely Rejuvenation Session into Your Habits

By Sprinkling Resilience through your entire life to bring about

Whole Human Wellness


Did you know that Whole Human Wellness Builds a Better Life


It is my deepest desire for you to

Fall in Love with Your Life!

Expand your Conscious Awareness with 

Monthly Themes & Topics

Designed to build your resiliance

Mindful Practices

Creative Chats

Mindset Strategies

Essential Oil Blends

Meditation Sessions

Sketchbook Sessions

Art Concepts

Paint with me


Motivational Quotes

Lesson Guides

Take Action Lessons


Reference Images

Lesson Drawings

Helpful Quotes

Tips & more

Sketchbook Self-Studies

Mini Workshops

How-to projects

Guided Meditation

Colour Studies

Philosopher Studies

Book Recommendations

Personal Development

Personal Interaction

Easy Use Platform

Lesson Reminders

Live Calls Invites

First in line offers

Video Tutorials

Special Lesson Requests

Inclusive Group 





Who am I? 
I am Tanya,

Art Therapist, Surface Pattern Designer, Author & Bringer of Joy!

"I use various healing modalities, like Art Therapy, Life Coaching, Reiki & my Sketchbook Practices to harness these beautiful & practical pathways that I used in my own lifelong quest of Whole Human Wellness.

The monthly Themes & Topics are put together in an orderly sequence to bring you the best Personal Development knowledge from Experience, Wisdom & the Resources I use to reach Greatness along my creative journey.


 Through the path of Self-Mastery, there is much to discover about our Habits, our Actions, our Thought Patterns & how we become our best versions.


As much of Life can be very Rewarding, we still need to pursue our greatness through our willingness to learn how to set our elevated Choices in motion, how to manage our Emotions & above all else...

...Allow Ourselves to Move Forward in whatever Purpose we feel Called to!

Your Benefits Await
& all of it is Included Every Month

 These skills may be new to you right now, but with practice,  

they form part of your Daily Regimes adding to the contentment of growing your newly elevated   

Mindset & Attitudes towards Life

Find Your Greatness