What They’re Saying

"I've known Tanya all her life and have grown to know a very determined young lady. She is dedicated, fully committed and has an open heart. She is open to suggestions and opinions but will correct you in a gentle and mature way when she needs to comment on your suggestions. She is friendly , living and fair and will not judge. Instead she will offer good advice and insight to additional resolutions. Her approach to art is spectacular and diverse."

Mariana Day

"Tanya is very patient and dedicated, her creativity and passion for arts and crafts is inspiring, one can depend on Tanya to help you tap into your artistic side and make learning art loads of fun."


"A magnificent human. Tanya is one of those people that will give her all to help others, she will persist through her students needs and assist while she teaches. She is very patient and very passionate in everything she does. I enjoyed her "Back to Basics" Journal class and it helped me set better goals. Discovering new ways to grow as a person is so much more fun than I anticipated. Participating in the activities in the Workbook was challenging, but well worth the time I invested in myself."

Conrad (South Africa)


« I met Tanya recently and we talked over what she does. I was looking for something new to learn. I really did not think I could paint, but with her coaching, even my first piece is pretty cool. Now to learn some more!!! She is easy to talk to, easy to understand and easy to follow. I look forward to spending more time with her over the next little while."

Sally (Nanna Sally)

"I have known Tanya for a while and attended her workshops. I found her workshops interesting and very informative. She is very enthusiastic, funny, energetic, positively charged & is dedicated in sharing her knowledge. I am sure anyone would love classes with Tanya and I would highly recommend her."

Jennette Havez (Jenny)

"Tanya is an amazingly talented woman in many ways. One of the most creative people I have ever met.
Tanya is patient, smart and practical, she makes you believe in yourself and is always positive.
Tanya is a very reliable person who is trustworthy and always honest."

Carol McKenzie


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