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When You Join Today You'll Get: 

"The Art of Transformation & Self-Mastery" Course

to Confidently go after

Your Dream Life!

Let Tanya open the doorways to the Six Transformations in Her Revolutionary Course that Will Guide You from Where You are Now to Where You Really Want to Be in Your Life 

Along with the Entire "Life Transformation & Self-Mastery Course"

You'll Receive The Interactive Life Transformational Workbook  

With the 69-page interactive Life Transformational Workbook you'll quickly realize that the entire course isn't just filled with inspiration - you'll be guided, prompted & encouraged to do the work while crafting your next level of desire.

(Valued at $89)

The Weekly Live Group Calls via Zoom with Tanya for 8-Weeks

Join Tanya & your fellow “Life Masters” in the Weekly Live Group Calls to work through each Module together & receive more insights from her brilliant wealth of knowledge during an entire 8-weeks of dedicated support.

Her continued support with live Q&A's during each call, will help you to adding focus to your desires while using your time with Tanya so much more effectively. 

(Valued at $275 per session, total Value $6,600)

A Private Community Just for Us 

This is where you get to meet new people & discover the things you really want in life. Receive group inspirations, encouragement & support from like-minded people while staying connected. Plus we get to become great friends with similar goals that Motivate each other during Live Training Sessions!


Full Access to Replays of the LIVE Weekly Training Sessions + The Resource Library will be at Your finger tips at all times 

Allowing you to build momentum & keep your momentum while gaining new skills to continue on your Transformational Journey. The LIVE Sessions/Replays are an in depth Video Training with Tanya to Elevate the Course Contents further & Bring You more Inner-understanding of the Practical Application of the Contents to:   

- Design Your Desires into a Guided Sequence of Contents to Find More for Yourself & Become More Yourself 

- To Dig Deeper into How You Can Ask for More from Life & Get It! 

- Discovering the Six Journaling Habits that will Transform Every Aspect of Your Life

*AND an ongoing library of priceless "on demand" training sessions based on member's needs 

(Value at a further $1,899)

PLUS AN EVENT ONLY BONUS That Include A Ticket to:

The Virtual Heart-to-Heart Retreat's Live Broadcast 

(Valued at $396)

Included in Your Exclusive Offer

On Demand Member's Exclusive Training

Each Month a New Video Training is added to Empower Your Personal Growth with topics like Self Worth, Know Yourself First, Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds, Personal Persuasion, Confidence, Creative Storytelling, Living the Dream without Boundaries, Breaking Free from Limitations & So Much More!

(Valued at $275 per session for 8-weeks = $2,200)

Plus You Get the 21-Day Mindful Sketchbook Practices Course with Immediate Access 

It creates a lovely foundation to the heartfelt approach you can use to connect with yourself in a creative way. With an unbreakable bond & relationship with yourself, you'll be ready to take on lifes challenges as the come while discovering the importance of your existence in a world made of all kinds of things that could help you grow. Whatever you plan for Your Personal Growth, know that Life Has Your Back, Always!


You'll rapidly curb procrastination & cut out the stuff that do not work, including outdated mindsets with more mindful strategies to enhance your future vision. Gain back Your Time to get to Living Happily & in line with more Joy...

Making every Moment of Your Life Matter!

(Valued at $369)




Or 3 Easy Payments Of $995

Join Tanya J. on a Journey of

"The Art of Transformation & Self-Mastery"

Together let's navigate Your new Life's plan, Transform with a group of like-minded

friends who, together go hand-in-hand to Unlock Everything you always wanted from Life" 

Pick Your Great Package Deal Today & Take it all Home for the Total Price of $2,899

And begin Your Journey to Have so Much More than before

Over 70% of our action takers choose this option to start their Joy

With the 3x payment option of $995

That's Three Easy Payments Over the Next Three Months

  I'll take the 3x Payment Plan  

Fill out Your BILLING Details


"The Art of Transformation & Self-Mastery Course"

with all the Extras, all the Bonuses & the Weekly Group Coaching Calls for the duration of the Course


AMOUNT: $_ _ _ _

With my order today I get to keep "The Art of Transformation & Self-Mastery Course" for life!

I understand that I also get to choose to stay on the Month Self-Mastery Membership after committing to the 8-week Group Training & I am aware that I can cancel the Self-Mastery Monthly Subscription at any time inside my account

or by e-mail

If I don't cancel before the 8 weekly training sessions ends, I will be billed $99.00 per month starting on the

first day after my free 8-weeks have expired, deducted monthly from the Billing Details I provided.

I Acknowledge that I will have sufficient funds in my account to make the monthly subscription payments

I confirm that I have read & agreed to the Terms of Service & to the Privacy Statement.

Complete My Order & Join NOW!



Tanya is so confident that you will absolutely love this unique immersive learning experience we built for you

that we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 14 days of signing up.
This program won't work if you don't consume the content & participate wholeheartedly.

It is designed to Transform Your Life & Bring You in Alignment with what Self-Mastery can look like when You Love Your Life to it's fullest.

We are vouching for Your Progress behind the scenes. If for some reason you don't love what we've created for you in the first 14 days,

simply email us & we will take care of your refund asap!

Select an item (AU$)

Congratulations, Your Life Transformation is About to Align with More Joy!!!

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Take Advantage of this Offer Today!

This Is A Life Changing Opportunity For You To Work Alongside McConaughey & Craft Your Roadmap To MORE...


Roadtrip - Highway To More

Plus Interactive Roadmap Workbook!

McConaughey obsessed over the last 6 months to craft an immersive,
"one of a kind" experience - designed to help you reveal where you truly are right now,
revive your love for life, and really start livin' as the person you know you were
designed to be. Here's what your journey could look like:  

  • 9 Mile Markers: 
    You & McConaughey will get under the hood on every area where you need "more" in life.

  • Reflection Time: 
    At the end of each Mile Marker you'll take a specific action to create real and lasting change.

  • Interactive Roadmap: 
    McConaughey custom built a guide - like your own GPS
    You'll be walked through every step on this journey to your "More"

Live Weekly Roadtrip Pitstops

What's a Roadtrip without a few Pitstops along the way to refuel and grab some snacks?

McConaughey wanted to make sure that your Roadtrip was equipped with not just the immersive course

and interactive workbook but the LIVE weekly touch points to dive deep into the topics together

and do the work in real time!


So starting Thursday May 4th, you will join special guests & your fellow “Roadtrippers” LIVE every week

to work through each Mile Marker together. We’ll dive deeper into the lessons McConaughey shares

in Roadtrip through intimate group breakouts, Q&A sessions, focus time & more.

Private Community To Connect With Other Roadtrip Members & Matthew

This is where you "meet cool people"... the place you can come every day for inspiration,

encouragement, questions, support and to be around awesome likeminded people. 


It's the advantage people don't realize they need until they have it...

but there's truly nothing more powerful than being surrounded by people with the right mindset

and an attitude geared toward success. 


Oh and don't forget you'll get to jumpstart your week with our LIVE “Motivational Mondays”

right inside the community every week!


3 Months Free To

+ Bonus Live Training w/ McConaughey!

McConaughey knows the value of learning from others so you never stop growing...

and that's why he made sure you get 3 months of free access to the Mastermind membership

that will help you multiply your knowledge & keep momentum in the most important areas of life. 


You'll gain the tactics & skills on topics like growing your confidence & self worth, overcoming fear,

business building, persuasion, marketing, mindset & much more.

  • 35+ courses from experts in mindset, marketing & momentum

  • released immediately plus a new course added every single month.

  • LIVE monthly Zoom calls with Dean Graziosi (or special guests)

  • to help you build and keep momentum plus over 40 on-demand replays you can access now.

  • - May Zoom - Dean Graziosi  

  • ​- June Zoom - Marie Forleo  

  • ​- July Zoom - McConaughey & Dean Graziosi

50 Meals Donated To Feeding America In Your Name

We're all here to focus on becoming a better version of ourselves - but we also know some people are simply focused on where their next meal will come from. 


So let's all work together and provide as much support through Feeding America as we possibly can in these tough times. 


1.More Admitting
It’s truth-telling time. We’re gonna clear the decks and get brutally honest with ourselves as we look at the lies we’ve been living, implicitly and explicitly.
2.More Identity
You can’t be MORE of you if you don’t know WHO you are. This Mile Marker focuses on answering three questions: Who am I?
What do I love? What do I want MORE of? That’s where it all starts…

3.More Value
Life is full of trade-offs. In this Mile Marker, we look at where you may have been sacrificing your non-negotiables in
favor of short-term wins or comfort. We’ll also talk about how to set yourself up for future success.

4.More Choice
Choice sounds like freedom, so we intuitively want more of it. In this Mile Marker we’ll learn how to be wise when we exercise
our power to choose, including realizing that every choice has consequences.

5.More Balance
Life is about balance, and that includes embracing the idea that EVERY light — red, yellow, and green — is part of the pattern.
In this Mile Marker, we’ll look at redefining and navigating stress so we can feel more balanced and in control.

6.More Joy
In this Mile Marker, we’ll define the difference between happiness and joy so we can stop chasing the horizon.
Instead, we’ll figure out how to find joy in the journey — red lights and all.

7.More Cool
Cool may seem elusive, but we’ll deconstruct what it is (and is not) in this Mile Marker. Hint: It all starts with YOU — not what you think the world wants.

8.More Love
Most people typically have a one-dimensional view of what love is. In this Mile Marker, you’ll open up your beliefs about
what love must be and in doing so experience more love in your life.

9.More Selfish
Selfishness has been given a bad rap. In this Mile Marker, we’ll redefine what selfishness is and learn how pursuing selfishness
can lead to our own good AND that of our neighbour.


The Reviews Are In Already! Check Out What Some "Roadtrippers" Are Saying!





How Do I Access Roadtrip?

ANSWER: Once you purchase Roadtrip - The Highway To More you will get an immediate welcome email from Team McConaughey celebrating your action and also a welcome email from with your username & password. The Mastermind platform is where Matthew has decided to host this world class program AS WELL as the platform to which you get 3 months FREE for signing up today. So once you enroll, you will get both of those emails with instructions immediately!

Will I Have Access For Life?

ANSWER: YES! You have LIFETIME access to the Roadtrip program! That’s right - you can go back & review the content at any time, whenever you need a boost of inspiration or motivation. McConaughey himself believes that the journey is never over, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with access to Roadtrip for life.

How Long Is The Offer Available?

ANSWER: This incredible opportunity is only available for a limited time and will expire on April 29th. So if you want to join us on this "Roadtrip", be sure to act fast and secure your spot! You won't regret it. Let's hit the road!

How Do I Access All My Bonuses?

ANSWER: As soon as you sign up for Roadtrip, you will get a username and password to access the Mastermind platform where McConaughey's program is hosted as well as all of your bonuses. This includes incredible Inner Circle replays and 30+ world-class courses.

When Are The Weekly Pitstops?

ANSWER: We will meet every Thursday at 12:00PM PST | 3:00PM EST starting May 4th to dive deeper into the lessons McConaughey shares in Roadtrip through intimate group breakouts, Q&A sessions, focus time & more.

Will The Pitstops Have Replays

ANSWER: YES! Absolutely! Every Thursday night or Friday morning we will send you the replay. As soon as it is done uploading to your portal.

Do I Get Access Immediately?

ANSWER: YES! As soon as you enroll in Roadtrip, you will get immediate access to the entire program, the digital workbook, all the crazy bonuses and the private community.

How Do I Access The Workbook?

ANSWER: As soon as you login to the Roadtrip program you will see a link to download the interactive "Roadmap Workbook". All you have to do is download it and fill it out on your device or you can print it out to have it in hand!

What Is The Money Back Guarantee?

ANSWER: We're so confident that you will absolutely love this unique immersive learning experience with Matthew, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If for some reason you don't love what we've created in the first 30 days, email us and we will take care of your refund!

What Happens After 3 Free Months Of Mastermind.Com?

ANSWER: What's great is that the 3 months FREE to is simply an added bonus. After 3 months if you want to continue the live monthly trainings, new courses monthly and get trained by Matthew 4 times a year it is just $47/month! Most people who get 3 months free to Mastermind stay on the platform for at least 9-12 months after. I am sure you will do the same!



We're so confident that you will absolutely love this unique immersive learning experience with Matthew, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. With that being said - this program won't work if you don't consume the content. But if for some reason you don't love what we've created in the first 30 days, email us and we will take care of your refund!


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