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A fun day in the Botanical Gardens during a Sketchwalk & Photoshoot
Hi I'm Tanya

I unlock Creative Career possibilities for Artist, Designers & Creatives

Helping you see what is possible through the lens of achieving Your Big Dreams

By sharing over 30-years of Creative Career strategies along with the Industry Secret

to customize your income potential.


Through Collaborations, creative problem solving & the skills you'll need to make it in our industry, there's a Secret Formula to reaching those $2K a Week margins... 

Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of...
Your Big Dreams are Totally Worth it!

Whether you’re looking to make a career change, or need help turning your creative ideas into income,

I’m here to help you transform your life's work into a beautiful thing!

Instead of wasting another year, let me guide you through the secrets to finally be seen by the right buyers, have your creative voice heard & empower you to be in control of your income

WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY for wanting more from life.


Here's what I don't do:

I don't do overwhelm, negativity, or stress... In fact, I help you Overcome these Dream Crushing Weeds to get ahead of Your Big Ideas & Live a Joyful Life!
Photography: @benfohdo

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The Secrets to Success 


I help women who are stuck, not knowing how to earn an income with their creativity.

And who want more income, more time to do the fun stuff in life & have more freedom to continue creating the things they want to do most.

 Fill out the Form & Tell me more about your creative aspirations.

I can solve your biggest problem & help you reach your income goals. 

But first to join our waitlist. I'd like us to get to know you a little better first & 

we might be visiting your town shortly, keep an eye on your emails from us.

You're about to step into a world of opportunity where You'll Love Your Creative Works Even More.

Keep an eye out for the next email, it contains very important information for you.

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Insights, Motivation & Inspiration 

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Recent Verified Testimonials

Love Notes from Happy Co-Creators

Angela Nelson (Student)

Life is about what we can create together, thanks Tanya for showing the way

"When I discovered Tanya's approach to having a creative life and started to apply it to how I work, everything changed. I met her at a Play & Paint party where I never expected to be opened up to myself in such a relaxed way. I've taken back my time to be more focused on what my life can look like because I learned to take the stress out of every day. I have more time to discover who I can become & my craft store here in Wellington can only be a huge success, thanks to some great business insights.

My aim is to build my enterprise as I grow, to make sure I always give my clients what they need most.

Thanks to a chance meeting, the creative genius Tanya has, has shown me what is possible as I become a better me."

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