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A fun day in the Botanical Gardens during a Sketchwalk & Photoshoot
Hi I'm Tanya

Unlock Your Creative Possibilities

Helping You To See What is Possible Through the Lens of Achievement & Transformation Towards Your Big Dreams

By sharing over 30-years of Creative Career Aspirations, Personal Development Strategies Along with Industry Secret to Uncover Your Growth Potential.


At the Heart of it all is Creative Problem Solving & Developing Mindful Sketchbook Practices to Inspire Your to Live the Life You Want!

Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of...
Your Big Dreams are Totally Worth it!

Whether you’re looking to make a career change, or need help to turn creative ideas into income...

I’m here to help you transform your life's work into a beautiful thing!

Instead of wasting another year, let me guide you through the secrets to get your creative voice heard, empowered & in control of your Big Dream WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY for wanting more!


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Photography: @benfohdo

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I help women who are stuck not knowing how to earn an income with creativity


  • Women who want more income to thrive at home or in the office 

  • IF you are a Women who wants more time to do the fun stuff in life 

  • Have more freedom to continue creating the things they want to do most

You're about to step into a world of opportunity where You'll Love your Creativity all over again!

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Verified Testimonials

Angela Nelson (Student)

Life is about what we can create together, thanks Tanya for showing the way

"When I discovered Tanya's approach to having a creative life and started to apply it to how I work, everything changed. I met her at a Play & Paint party where I never expected to be opened up to myself in such a relaxed way. I've taken back my time to be more focused on what my life can look like because I learned to take the stress out of every day. I have more time to discover who I can become & my craft store here in Wellington can only be a huge success, thanks to some great business insights.

My aim is to build my enterprise as I grow, to make sure I always give my clients what they need most.

Thanks to a chance meeting, the creative genius Tanya has, has shown me what is possible as I become a better me."

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