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Welcome Wild, Beautiful Creative Mind!


Hi there! Meet Tanya,

the Creative Heart & Author for all things

I love combining my creative passions through feminine lines & expressive colour combinations.

The gorgeous Fabric & Wallpaper Collections are just one aspect of my Creative Career & when I'm not creating beautiful pieces from my Sketchbook drawings, I connect with others on their Whole Human Wellness Journeys

"As an Art Therapist, it's no secret how Passionate I am about Colours & Patterns, although my Mission belongs to the art of Elevating Human Hearts!"

Want to learn more about my processes? Go to my Programs

I adore working in my Sketchbooks

& have a thousand ideas

contained within their pages

Explore the Sketchbook Lovers Section

there are many freebies to enjoy

Watercolours make the perfect travel companions
Photography: Ben Fohdo Instagram handle @benfohdo
A fun day in the Botanical Gardens during a Sketchwalk & Photoshoot
Photography: @benfohdo
Summer Sensation 11_edited_edited.png
Summer Sensation 6_edited_edited.png
Summer Sensation 11_edited_edited.png
Summer Sensation 12_edited_edited.png
Retreat with me & book your group in for a beautiful creative experience.
Photography: @benfohdo

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