Artist & Surface Designer, Tanya J. de Wet
brings you more joy with curated colours in Wallpaper, Fabric & Relaxing Art Classes 

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Make a Wish Collection

Many times we forget that our wishes never leave us & if they do, it's only for a short time. Remember those wishes & Create the life you want to live in by holding on to what you treasure most. May that be "LOVE"

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Rocky Mountain Resort

Rocky Mountain Resort is a Surface Pattern Design Collection created by Tanya J. de Wet from Andsodesigns & depict the warmth of a Mountain Retreat holiday at a five star resort. The luxury of bold designs in a serene setting made for the soul. Textured Grasscloth wallpaper shows off the balanced colour palette & catches the subtle play of light on the surroundings.

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Lillies @ Casa Blanca

Imagine... Romantic Cottage weekends on beautiful summer days with nothing but love in the air. With gorgeous Lillies & beams of sunlight creating happy days. These designs can celebrate the old fashioned family values with an air of modern colours #farmstylecharm #cottagecore & #vintagevibes

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Akito Roses
Blushed Protea

"Creativity is something you can Grow inside a Sketchbook" -Tanya J. de Wet

#andsocreative #sketchbooklovers #looseflorals #vintagecolours

#love #romance #cottagecore #learntodraw #sketchbooks #art

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Love Letters from the Past

Almond Blossom

I have known Tanya all her life and I've come to know a real determined young lady. She has a 'go-getter' attitude and solve problems immediately. I have such admiration for my daughter as she is a real life "now" person who is conscious & present with every task she's ever taken on. In my eyes, she is greatness personified while still as humble as her childhood roots.

Her accomplishments have grown over the years and Tanya can be an attribute to any endeavour she takes on. She has more knowledge accumulation around many interesting subjects And she can do anything & everything! 

She is also a humanitarian at heart, caring about all humans and animals alike. She just wants to bring beauty to the world and I see her doing it perfectly through her art, patterns, drawings and appreciation of nature. 

Mariana (Mom & Lifelong Friend)

"Tanya is an amazingly talented woman in many ways. One of the most creative people I have ever met.
Tanya is smart and insightful. She makes you believe in yourself and is always smiling with a positive attitude. Meeting her was a happy day for me. Showing up when and where she can to offer her help & insights and always showing her heart to the world with kindness and generosity with so much more to offer this world."

Carol McKenzie (Reiki Friend)

Tanya  has helped me through some issues that I have been struggling with and I'm very grateful for that. She has helped me overcome my art insecurities and so many new doors have opened for me. (even though there's still things I need to work on) I have also noticed changes in my everyday life such as waking up early, leaving time to reconnect with myself and I have been more active and have more motivation to do art related things. 

Kathryn Feuilherade (pronounced Fay-Rad