Hi there, Welcome to Andsodesigns.

I create Surface Pattern Designs & offer a wide variety of Designs for Licensing Opportunities. I'm interested in Fabrics, Homes Decor, Art Prints, Exclusive Stationary Products.

My designs are ready for Licensing While I have named them all, anything can be changed, even the design or collection names.

I have several designs & new collections available "This is Maggie", "Lilies @ Casa Blanca", "Ginkgo Garland", "Akito Roses" & more

-23 April 2021-

I'm currently working on a Damask pattern for a new collection

I look forward to be the creative genius for your next project while creating longstanding business connections & friendships.

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Artist, Designer & Online Educator
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My Art Director's list is Kept in a Sacred Place. You only receive relevant emails of my new Collections. Indicating your preference will ensure your privacy while all information is safe guarded.

For the Collector's, Students, Friends & Admirers list I'll send out regular discounts, limited editions and new products as they happen.



My designs are inspired by Botanical Gardens, Museums, Delicate Watercolour Paintings, Expressive Flowers & Imaginative Drawings from my Sketchbooks. All combined in gorgeous colour palettes.

"There is beauty for us to find everywhere, as each creation & element is deeply inspired by nature and a world seen through eyes in admiration of Creation." - Tanya J. de Wet



We all need things in our lives. Why not make them beautiful with special designs and some innovative technology that's good for the earth too.

Ranging from digital freebies to art & designs, we have something for you.

More designs coming soon. Until then, check out what's already available.



Art & Design

Plan like an Artist


I've created a space for my students to grow their creativity & build their own resources.

Using every learning opportunity to become your best version. The "Meet me in the Studio" series on YouTube is a free space to discover some of my creative secrets and the link below is for my Skillshare classes.

You can Receive two weeks of Premium Membership access to my in depth Creative Classes. There are over 8 million teachers & many more classes to choose from. Make use of a Premium membership & continue to learn.



Almond Blossom

I have known Tanya all her life and I've come to know a real determined young lady. She has a 'go-getter' attitude and solve problems immediately. I have such admiration for my daughter as she is a real life "now" person who is conscious & present with every task she's ever taken on. In my eyes, she is greatness personified while still as humble as her childhood roots.

Her accomplishments have grown over the years and Tanya can be an attribute to any endeavour she takes on. She has more knowledge accumulation around many interesting subjects And she can do anything & everything! 

She is also a humanitarian at heart, caring about all humans and animals alike. She just wants to bring beauty to the world and I see her doing it perfectly through her art, patterns, drawings and appreciation of nature. 

Mariana (Mom & Lifelong Friend)


« I met Tanya recently and we talked over what she does. I was looking for something new to learn. I really did not think I could paint, but with her coaching, even my first piece is pretty cool. Now to learn some more!!! She is easy to talk to, easy to understand and easy to follow. I look forward to spending more time with her over the next little while."

Sally (First Time Student)

"I have known Tanya for a while and attended her workshops. I found her workshops interesting and very informative. She is very enthusiastic, funny, energetic, positively charged & is dedicated in sharing her knowledge. I am sure anyone would love classes with Tanya and I would highly recommend her."

Jennette Havez (Fellow Artist)

"Tanya is an amazingly talented woman in many ways. One of the most creative people I have ever met.
Tanya is smart and insightful. She makes you believe in yourself and is always smiling with a positive attitude. Meeting her was a happy day for me. Showing up when and where she can to offer her help & insights and always showing her heart to the world with kindness and generosity with so much more to offer this world."

Carol McKenzie (Reiki Friend)