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A fun day in the Botanical Gardens during a Sketchwalk & Photoshoot

I unlock minds to see personal barriers so that lead to breakthroughs. These breakthroughs help to overcome what's holding them back from achieving their life's dreams & their fullest potential easily.


My unique approach combines traditional, modern & therapeutic techniques which provides my clients with the exact tools & personalized support they need to create a fulfilling life & sustainable lifestyle while adding more joy!

I specialize in transformational life changing practices, and success strategies that reduce stress & add value to your life.

Hi I'm Tanya

Whether you’re looking to make a personal career change, improve your relationships, or need help understanding your wild untamed mind, I’m here to help you turn your life into a beautiful thing.


You are allowed to create the life you’ve always dreamed of, you are totally worth it!

 We have real Epic Journeys in our Lifetime 

Your dreams are important & the pleasure of  re-creating your life to be a beautiful thing is an "Art-form" you can Master right now


Are You on Your Epic Journey yet?



Photography: @benfohdo

Here's what I don't do:

I don't do overwhelm...

I don't do negative self-talk...

I don't do stress...


In fact, I help you Overcome these Dream Crushing Weeds & make sure you don't do these either!