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Join the Sketchbook Journal Group

Our Group Experts & Guides are there to support you all the way! Participate live & interact with like-minded Sketchbook Lovers

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You are Invited to Indulge in Gratitude Practices to Cultivate More Joy! 

Invite a Friend!

Bring along a Friend, a Sketchbook, some Watercolour Supplies

& Let's create more Gratitude with a Month of Paint-a-Long Fun!

Watch the Introduction Video

Virtual Gratitude Practice Sessions 

Join The Sketchbook Journal Group for Many Guided Gratitude Sessions 

& Our Group of Sketchbook Loving Friends

Invite a Friend - Life is So Much Better Together!   

Here Are a Few Videos From Our Facebook Group:

Sharing Gratitude always bring more of it our way. 

Let's have some creative fun & enjoy each others company in a Virtual Gratitude Catch-up!

Maybe today is the day you get to meet a few new friends that just get you & all the creative things you love doing so much! 

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