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A Creative Journey

All you have to do is wash away the dust of every day life with a little creativity


In February 2022 I was Filmed by the "Put Some Colour in Your Life TV Show"

The exposure for & my Wallpaper designs was phenomenal

(PS. These are not affiliated links, I'm just a fan)


Watch my Episode Season 23 Ep:02

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Play & Paint Workshops
Coming together to connect in a creative fun way

From Small Gatherings to Extravagant Creative Escapes

You can now book an art experience for your group

Welcome to a creative session where we can paint along or use our imaginations to Play & Paint,

making sure to rest your mind while making room for a relaxing creative session.


Total wellness is the key to why I developed a creative methods to bring art to life for everyone who needs a gentle, easy Play & Paint Sessions or a group activity to connect with others & escape from our busy lives for a few hours.


Books & More 

The Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal 

This Sketchbook was created to hold a few of my quotes & to fit in your bag. Take it along during your day, record thoughts & draw. When we create room for ourselves amongst the pages of a Sketchbook, we acknowledge our ideas while taking inspiration from the quotes.

The new coil binding makes it perfect to lay open, fold over, fill to the brim & take anywhere. The paper is smooth & can take on some water & inks 


Living a life of creativity is the pinnacle of Joy!


Powerful Floral Remedies for modern lifestyles


In the illustrated flower essence guide, I take a look at Twenty Seven Floral Essences that can assist with a busy lifestyle. Beautiful florals to colour in while you learn about the amazing benefits of each one.


I've created filler floral pages & wanted you to have one to colour in today 

Download yours from the Blog 

Mixed Floral Colouring Page


Print the mixed floral page on any paper you like 

If you are a marker person, then marker paper is your go to surface.

Or, maybe you only have colour pencils at home & it's the kids set...

that's great because you can print it on regular copy paper too,

but if you love the dreamy nature of watercolours...

you guessed it...

print the page on watercolour sheets!


"Playfulness is a creative process leading to further inspiration & it is all part of finding your creative path again." 

Tanya J. de Wet

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Are you interested in a career as a Surface Pattern Designer?

Join me in Immersion 2023 with Bonnie Christine

Her Courses, Workshops & Lessons helped me find strategies to build my Creative Career 


HOW? doing "One thing every day"


If you would like to learn how to elevate your Artistic Career, implement the Surface Pattern Design Secrets

& have inside knowledge of the Industry Standards, then your Creative Career begins here!

Bonnie helps thousands of students reach their Artistic & Design goals to become wildly successful.

Enrolment is only open once a year & sign-up begins in February 2023

Get a headstart & join the waitlist

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