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The Limited Coil Bound Sketchbook Journals are done on site while stocks last!


Your first choice in portable creativity is available with a coil binding that makes it more durable. It is easier to lay flat, fold over & roughen up along your creative journey.


You'll feel confident to take your Sketchbook Journal with you on the road & have it right next to you at the coffee shop. It's also a great Journal to use outdoors as it fits on your lap & snuggles into your bag.


The very best part is that you only need a pencil to start a Sketchbook Journey & rekindle those drawing skills you forgot you had... think back to when you were Five & loved to dar on everything... fun, right!? Only this time You'll have the Quotes to guide You into the beginnings of Mastery.


This Journal comes with a Free Workshop & is always available to You. Find it along with my other Free Programs by clicking on START HERE!


Our Programs are a great place to start Your Journey. Do You want more, FIND THE PROGRAMS >>> HERE 


The creativity we "push out" will reflect in the daily activities we participate in & over a period of time see a common thread run through our lives. Therein is the importance of having a messy Sketchbook practice with a few small quoted guides along the way as they help us start somewhere.


Those messy Sketches becomes the proof of your progress... Today might be messy, ugly & out of your comfort zone, but when there is a place where you could see yourself grow from an older version into a journey of becoming your best version, then the Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal can be such a place for you.


Taking on a Sketchbook Practice is a very personal journey of self-discovery, overcoming limiting beliefs about our abilities & self-mastery on a creative level.


Knowing this, compelled me to create the Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal with quoted pages to help you along your sacred discoveries. It is your space where ideas & memories can live, a place to gather your thoughts & give them life in colour.


My aim with the Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal is to help you find your Creative voice among the pages.


You see, this is a very special Sketchbook Journal because it's not just a place you can create anything in, it also aims to gently guide you with some of my quotes scattered throughout the pages while giving enough room to grow. 


The quotes are placed to guide you along the way while you discover more aspects of your creative journey.


Soon, you'll be filling those pages, making memorable drawings & keeping the new plans safely gaurded inside the Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal.


This is the First Edition, intended to build your creative drawing and writing dreams by welcoming in to a new way of experiencing the world of creativity; even if you have never pursued drawing after the kindergarden years.

Coil Bound Sketchbook Journal

  • The Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal contains 126 luxuriously smooth white pages for a multitude of mediums, intended to build your little creative habits!

    The Dimensions are 23cm x 15.25cm x 1cm Portrait orientation

    The Perfect Binding compliments the Glossy Soft Cover & ensures an easy use experience (not intended for repeat opening or exessively wet mediums)

    All pages are 120gsm Uncoated Supreme Paper

    *Printed pages are from the "Shadow Roses" designs & surround each quote 

    The Sketchbook Journal Cover designs are from the Welcome Home Collection & the pattern used is a modified version of "Fairy Street"

    Beautiful printed inside cover with the design "Dotty"

    An Ex Libris for your Name with an Introduction to the thoughts behind the Sketchbook Journal

    Inside the Sketchbook Journal you'll find 126 pages from cover to cover with Eight Pieces of Encouraging Quotes placed throughout the Sketchbook Journal to help you stay motivated along the way. These quoted pages are further adorned with the "Shadow Roses" design and lastly some Final words of wisdom on your Self-Mastery Journey. 

    The Sketchbook Journals have been a long time dream for me as I create in my Sketchbooks every day & know the value of a place to be creative in & think on the page, so to speak. 


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