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Join us for a unique monthly gathering where we celebrate the beauty in our lives, igniting a chain reaction of abundance & mindfulness. Our Virtual Gratitude Catch-up is an opportunity to come together, share in creative enjoyment & build meaningful connections. This monthly event isn't just about fostering gratitude; it's a chance to unearth those hidden barriers, declutter your mindset & infuse gratitude into your journey, aligning with your deepest desires. Our gratitude-driven approach will shape you to transform your perspective on the world & connect to more joy. If you have any questions, please feel free to submit them after you "RSVP" . I'm here to assist you with both the practical and heartfelt aspects of pursuing your passion. Join us today and discover the happiness that comes with embracing your true self and finding friends who truly understand and support your creative endeavours. PS: Sometimes, all it takes to add more joy is a connection to a group of kindred spirits who share your love for creativity.

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The Sketchbook Journal

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