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Monthly Gratitude Catch-up

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Sharing Gratitude for the beauty in our lives always bring more of it our way. Let's have some creative fun & enjoy each others company in a Virtual Gratitude Catch-up where we can get to know each other together. This once a month Virtual event is also for you to uncover root obstacles, clear out a little mindset clutter bits & begin to add gratitude as a way for you to move your ideas towards making more progress. Gratitude has a way that allows us to align with your heart's desires. Making an impact on the strategies we use while transforming the way we feel about the world around us. If you have any questions, pre-submit them after you click the "RSVP HERE" button. I'd love to help you with matters of the head & matters of the heart in case you may be feeling a little stuck making progress towards your passionate heart-based ideas. PS: It's good to go for You to Have Fun, Find Happiness & add more Joy to Your Life with a Sketchbook Practice! Maybe today, all you really need are a few new friends that just get you & the creative things you love doing.

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