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Perfect Project Planning Workshop

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To be structured & have a meticulous project guideline will help you get stuff done. With my three phase Perfects Project Planning Workshop, you are guided through the thinking processes to build out anything you are planning to make, do or take on. When we begin a project in total ease, all the steps come together from the first drafts into the the outcome you desired. Giving Creative expression to your project & listening to your inner voice to play with those initial ideas that build up into the valuable practical outcomes you were hoping to achieve. I've added in procrastination to make sure you push through this all too familiar hindrance to take small action steps forward. It all happens at a pace you can follow to make sure you are in a natural rhythm. Release the resistance & move towards the things that must be done. By the time you've fully immersed yourself in the three phases you are ready to show your project to the world. Here are the empowering lessons you'll use during this Workshop: - Perfect Project Planning Workbook to Download & Print. - The Perfect Planning Workbook Video Walkthrough Video Lesson. - Lesson 1: What you'll need to Start the Perfect Project Planning Workshop - Lesson 2: The Procrastination Phase - Lesson 3: Unpack the Ideas - Lesson 4: Time to get to Work + the Project Planning Action Sheet I share Evaluation tips, Feedback strategies & share my planning process in more detail to gain insights into how to get stuff done!

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