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Self-Mastery: the Membership for Creatives

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Self-Mastery with a passion for Creative Expression is where You'll discover how to expands Your mind & creative practices. To build up resilience with Monthly Themes & Topics around Whole Human Wellness. Through a few Sketchbook Practices, Mindfulness, Art Philosophy, Creative Lessons & Living a Joyful Life, the work of Self-Transformation begins. You'll gradually develop higher thinking modalities to see the world through the lens of a Co-Creator. You'll draw on Your creative talents, hidden, undiscovered or known, to fill Your Heart & Sketchbook pages with contents of self-expression, learning & think through problems in a new way. Become who You want to be & Go Where Your Heart leads You, all while taking small steps to get there. Balance in well-rounded creative practices that allows you to take control of Your Mind, Your Body & Your Souls Purpose Giving You a new perspective on Your Life's Journey with weekly lessons aimed towards Whole Human Wellness with the Monthly Themes & Topics help You to apply strategies. Keep track of your progress towards Growth in a Measurable, Meaningful way! Tanya uses various healing arts, Art Therapy & her lifelong skills to bring you the best Whole Human Wellness knowledge base, to become your best version. Through Self-discovery you'll gain powerful control over your emotions & become content with your elevated growth through creative goodness! The Self-Mastery Membership is your gateway to improve every aspect of your Life.

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The Sketchbook Journal

The Sketchbook Journal

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