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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

This is What I Did Last Year

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Choosing what we love to do is really energising in so many ways.

Firstly, choosing to take a break in between the hard stuff gives you a way to boost your creative practice as noting needs to be PERFECT right now.

Secondly, changing the thing you are busy with can be the antidote to feeling stuck. I know I'm not always in the mood to take on hard stuff because it's out of my comfort zone but a little break sort of helps me overcome those feelings of being stuck in the moment. Sometimes it means I get to take a walk & at other times it means I'm indulging in my creative practices.

Now last year I hit a vulnerable place when I stood at a crossroad & had to choose if I was going to pursue my Creative Career Goals or take 6 months off??? A bummer decision, I know... Instead of completely breaking away from the tasks at hand, I chose to do a course & join Bärbel in Repertoire as part of the Support Team. Later that year I continued on my journey with her & became her Community Assistant. I learned so much already & feel deeply connected to the creative community that is flourishing so beautifully.

It was a magical experience to take Bärbel's Repertoire Course as it was a beautiful Creative Boost that gave me a whole new collection to share to the world. I'll share it in the image gallery below....

You might want a similar creative boost this time of year & if you click on the Repertoire Course Link, You'll discover how much your creativity can blossom into not only historical pattern knowledge but also in the world of pattern design (these links are affiliate links from my friend Anne LaFolette, who will receive a small royalty when you sign up with it as she is an affiliate of Bärbel's Repertoire Course )

In Anne's words: "Bärbel combines her incredible knowledge of the history of surface design with beautiful drawing and composition lessons that elevate your style and the professionalism of your repeating patterns."

If you are eager to improve your creative skills, interested in historical pattern designs & ready to fill a sketchbook with old school drawing lessons, then I'm happy to send you off to enrol in this wonderful Course by one of the leading experts in our creative industry!

Make sure you hurry as it is only open for enrolment until the 22nd of August 2023. Repertoire with Bärbel Dressler >>> Grab Anne's Link Here:

Bärbel's Repertoire Course An exceptional online course with renowned Swedish surface pattern designer & You are going to love learning from her.

Have fun this week Creative Hearts & make sure you fill those Sketchbooks as we will dive into what to do with your finished pieces to earn an income & get paid doing what you already love doing.

If you still have doubts, fears or feel like an imposer, grab my free workbook & weed out these little monsters from your life!

Keep your eyes open in the next couple of weeks as I'll reveal a wonderful opportunity where you can work with me to make your Creative Career dreams come true.

Moving past all the weeds & making your income dreams come to life is something I am deeply passionate about because we all deserve to be abundant & happy in this life.

Much Love

xo Tanya

PS: It's a beautiful thing when we step into our strengths to pursue the things we enjoy doing! Want to learn all my Secrets? Get them here by registering for a 45-minute limited-time only presentation

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