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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

What's your story?

Wanting to understand how we can be together without socialising is a huge controversial reality for all of us. "What’s your story?"is based on a cover I designed for my Sketchbook a few weeks ago.

As I spoke to loved ones in other countries, I came to the conclusion that we've been apart for several years now, but our focus on the separation has changed. We always have meaningful conversations and shared interests over the exact same topics we've always talked about. What is different now? How did our story change?

Feeling like we are further apart because of all the things going on in the world.

How is it that we can be fooled so deeply? Are we programmed to think that we are separated and alone? Maybe I have a different outlook on life and how things work or are supposed to work. There is an abundance of joy, love and well-being all around me at any given time. Is it my privilege to observe these amazing things or are other humans' focus on the bad and the ugly?

However you want to look at life and what you're experiencing, your reality can change when you stop looking at things that make you unhappy, stop doing the things that make you sad and turn your focus back to the promise of love. The best way to use and adapt these extraordinary methods is by putting all external influences like the media, television, radio, devices and junk food to bed for a while and live a little better. Stop measuring your happiness against what is out there and focus on what we have right here. We have each other, the loved ones that are far away and the people that are right here with us. We have each other and we'll always be connected.

As I draw, paint and create my artwork, I always feel connected. Connected to the Source of the talents bestowed on me and very connected to what I put out into the world. Expressing myself positively is by far a better habit than what is out there in the world.

Ode to My Story

In  moments  we've  shared  and  memories  made,  

I  can  find  you  again.

No  matter  how  far  apart  we  are.

Our  friendship  brightens  up  my  smile  

and  delivers  joy  to  my  heart.

Days  like  these  remind  me  of  you

and  the  important  things  we  used  to  do.

Sharing  our  wisdom  

and  leaving  the  chit  chat  to  the  winds.

We  will  always  have  our  memories  

and  shared   moments  of  our  fond  friendship.

All  it  takes  is  a  glimpse  back  in  time.

Let's  journey  there  now.

 Close  your  eyes my  friend...  there  we  are,  

see, we're sharing  more  memories.

-  Tanya J. de Wet  -

If you're interested in seeing a process video of how I created the Artist Sketchbook Cover, you can take a peak here on my YouTube video. In it, I quickly go through the steps I took to paint the cover and how I use cutouts to figure out how to see the vision through to the end.

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