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Sketchbook Lovers: PaidPlans

Are You Heading Towards the Life of Your Dreams?

Join the Transformative Power of Self-Mastery 


Connect Your Ideas to Your Creativity 

& Follow Your Heart's Desire to Live a Joyful Life!

Create Balance & Take Control of Your Mind, Your Body & Your Soul's Purpose

Self-Mastery Gives You a New Perspective on Life's Journey

Aimed Towards A Path of  

Whole Human Wellness

Monthly Themes Help You Apply Strategies, Nurtures Personal Progress & Facilitates Growth in Measurable, Meaningful Ways As Life Unfolds


Welcome Yourself Back to the Life You Really Want!

Self-Mastery for Creatives 

Is the only Self-Mastery Membership Where Your Needs are Our Only Focus

Every Lesson Is Developed Around Your Feedback

Most other memberships are run by guides & lessons are given by host teachers


Our Self-Mastery Membership is Hosted by Tanya & Inside You'll Have Access To Her Expertise With an "Open Door" policy, She has Made Herself Available To Help You on Your Journey. 


Every Workshop We Have will be Yours to Enjoy at Any Time

Full Access to All the Resources, Workshops & Courses are Included

You Get to Keep All Your Downloads &  Contents for Life

The Value of a Close Connection to a Leader of Tanya's Calibre & a Connection to the Community is Like Having Another Creative Mind Just Like Yours to Tap Into for Support



These & so Much More is Our Exclusive Offer to You!


You'll Receive New Contents, Inspiration & Motivation Every Month

And Most Importantly, You'll Discover a Connection to Your Path! 

+You'll Receive an Exclusive Gift Pack In the Mail

Your Welcome Gift Contains the Hero's Journey Postcard Set, a Welcome Letter & a few other Surprises for the Yearly Contents Ahead For You

We are so excited to See You find the Connection To Your Creativity,

To What Your Hands Could Make & To What Your Beautiful Heart Wants!

 All of it Available NOW 


  • Develop Your Higher Thinking Modalities

  • See the World Through the Lens of a Co-Creator where Possibilities Open Up

  • Connect with Themed Contents that Helps You Get on with Life Quickly

  • Build Your Resilience & Greatness with Mindful Practices

  • Discover How to Live Elevated Above the Drama 

  • Find Freedom in Self-Expression In Your Own Time

  • Build A Growth Mindset 

  • A Adopt An Attitude of Gratitude


Empower Your Mind & Heart with Mastery

Enjoy Timely Rejuvenation Sessions

Transform Your Habits into Better Practices

Easily Digest Video Lessons & Downloads that Spark Your Creative Side


Unlock Hidden, Undiscovered, or Renew any Known Gifts From Within


"It is my deepest desire for you to

 Fall in Love with Life! "


- Mindful Practices

- Mindset Strategies & a Positive Outlook 

- Creative Play Sessions Designed to Relax You

- Guidance to have your voice heard & to stand by You for Your Needs

Heartfelt Conversations during Live Calls 


- Strategic Worksheets

- Lesson Guides

- Case Studies

- Meditation Sessions

- Relationship Insights 

- Tips & Resources

- Essential Oil Blends for you, the home & family

- With so many freebies to share


- Expanded Self-Studies

- Free Mini Workshops

- How-to projects

- Guided Chats

- Philosopher Studies

- Book Recommendations

- And more Personal Development Contents to Build on Your Dream-life


- Personalised Interaction

- Super simple Platform

- Lesson Reminders

- Live Calls 

- First in line Offers

- Video Tutorials

- I'll even put in a few Special Lesson Requests

And you'll have a Private, Inclusive Group where your voice matters 

Who am I? 
I am Tanya, The Author of Welcome Home, Powerful Floral Remedies for Modern Lifestyles & the Bringer of Joy

"I'm Here to Help You Find the Connections To Yourself"


Dedicated to Guide You towards Your Dream Life with Themes that Enrich Your Personal Growth, Elevates Your Mind & Nurtures the Beauty from Witin!

Set Your Feet on Steps that Matters

Through the Self-Mastery Path of Personal Creative Transformation,

Much of Your Heart's Desires will Come to Life & the Beauty You Deserve will Shine Through.

 You'll be handed the keys to Whole Human Wellness

 You'll Find Your Power & Live on Your Terms! 

Life is meant to be Rewarding while We Pursue Our Happiness


Set Your Choices in Motion & Grab a Helping Hand that Cares About Your Feelings & Find Your Strengths

Allow Yourself to Move Forward Towards Your Calling

GET All of these Ingredients

to Build Your Happiness

  • Self-Mastery Yearly

    Every year
 What Other Co-Creators 
have to say about their progress 

Belle Stewart

Belle's Paintbrushes.jpg

I've been having lots of A-ha moments thanks to you & the Workbooks!

I've actually been freed up and majorly productive with something that's super important to me and that I've been stuck on.

And now it's become EASY to show up!!!!!!!!!!!!


So again, a massive thank you to you,

My Wonderful Mentor xo 

About My Self-Mastery Journey

After a 26-year Hairstyling Career I deeply adored, a time came along to change. As difficult as it was to accept that I needed to make the shift into something greater than what I was doing, I knew the time was upon me to make the greatest change of all.


To help Creatives find a way back to themselves. I did this through Art Therapy, Reiki Mastery, Self-Development, Lifelong Client Relationships & Motivational Speaking.


Building something so unique to be in service to you on your special journey  

Being Happily in Love with Your Life is what Real Fairy Tales are made of... So, Let me Show You the Way to Yours


Self-Mastery really is the only way to become

Your Best Version

Join Now & Get Instant Access!

© Andsodesigns - Tanya J. de Wet

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