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Unleash Your Inner Transformation
in as little as 21 Days!

You Won't Need Anything Else to Start Day One 

Take Advantage of the $70 Discount Today!

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Experience life-changing benefits

+ Free Downloads & Resources Inside

Are you Ready to Embark on a Profound Journey of

Self-discovery, Wellbeing to Form an Unbreakable Bond with Yourself & Your Deepest Source of Inner Strength?

MSP Benefits



🌿 Atonement with Yourself & Source:

  • Reconnect with your true essence

  • Establish a deep, harmonious relationship with your inner-self & the universe

🌿 Release Old Thought Patterns:

  • Let go of the baggage that's been holding you back

  • Say goodbye to those old, limiting thought patterns

  • Make room for new, empowering beliefs

🌿 Daily Well-Being Practices:

  • Embrace short, 10 minute practices that will nurture your mind, body & soul

  • All leading to a grounding sense of well-being

🌿 Elevated Thinking Processes:

  • Elevate your mental landscape

  • Ushering in a fresh perspective on life

  • Become more positive to open up to personal growth

🌿 Connect with Your Inner Voice:

  • Rediscover the power of your intuition & inner wisdom

  • Allow in guidance towards your true path

🌿 Playful Creativity:

  • Infuse your life with playfulness

  • Add creativity, and a sense of wonder

  • Explore new ideas & avenues of self-expression

🌿 Valuable Practice, Positive Outcomes:

  • Gather valuable positive insights to brighten up your days

  • Experience Transformation in every aspect of your life

  • Use Tanya's 6 practices to unlock the beauty you want to see in the world


🌿 Nurture Yourself First:

  • Prioritize your self-care & become more resilient 

  • Nurture your inner-peace before the outside world disrupts your harmony

  • Take care of your needs early in the day to empower you throughout

🌿 Find Quiet Amid Chaos:

  • Discover a sanctuary of quietude & ease

  • Allow in your ideas & escape the chaos of daily life

  • Have moments of serenity from within

🌿 Release Tension:

  • Bid farewell to the tension that weighs on your mind

  • Release tension held in your body

  • Experience true relaxation & inner calm like never before

Seize the moment! Set yourself on the path to a more enriched, fulfilled, and balanced life

Act now to embrace the power of self-discovery & well-being 

Everything You Need to Have the Best 21-Days

Day 1: The Purpose of a Mindful Sketchbook Practice

  • Supplies 5 Downloads to Print out right away

  • The Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Setting Yourself up for Success

  • Answering the "what if's"

  • Art Print Download

  • Video Lesson

Day 2: Grounding the Whole Human

  • Breathing Paint-along

  • Turn on the Rhythmic Breathing

  • Breathing Science

  • Stop trying to control the Mind

  • Your miraculous Body

Day 3: Connecting with Your Mind, Body & Heart 

  • The three-fold Mind Paint-along

  • Your Three-fold Mind 

  • The Optimal State

  • Shower Yourself with Compassion

  • Stillness

  • Mindfulness for Your Mind

  • Mindfulness for Your Body

  • Mindfulness for Your Soul


Day 4:Time to get into Your Sketchbooks

  • Your ever present "God-Particle"

  • Your ever present "God-Particle" Paint-along

  • Write or Draw Emotional Words

  • Add a little Challenge!

Day 5: Live Call Replay 

  • Did You find the Downloads & More

  • The Six Practices

  • The Mindful Sketchbook Practices Description

  • The Mindful Practices Examples

Day 6: Practice #1 - Journaling with Colour Splashes

  • How to use this Practice

  • Real time Demo for Journaling with Colour

Day 7: Practice #2 - Diary Notes

  • How to use this Practice

  • Real time Demo for Diary Notes

Extended Practices

Elevated, Added Bonusses 

Day 8: Practice #3 - Thought Journaling

  • How to use this Practice

  • Real time Demo for Thought Journaling


Day 9: Practice #4 - Sketching & Drawing

  • How to use this Practice

  • Real time Demo for Sketching & Drawing

Day 10: Practice #5 - Nature Journaling

  • How to use this Practice

  • Real time Demo for Nature Journaling

Day 11: Practice #6 - Asemic Writing

  • How to use this Practice

  • Real time Demo for Asemic Writing

Day 12: Elevate Your Sessions with Sound 

  • Solfeggio Healing Playlist 

  • The Miracle Frequency 

Day 13: Elevate Your Sessions with Water

  • Floral Tea Blends

  • Tea Blend Download


Day 14: Elevate Your Sessions with Essential Oils

  • Other Recommended Essential Oils

  • Diffuser Blends & The three oils I Love

Day 15: Elevate Your Sessions with Crystals

  • Their Energies & the practical application of the Energies

Day 16: Elevate Your Sessions with Candles

  • A Little Tealight Candle Practice 

Day 17: Elevate Your Sessions with Colour

  • The Meaning of the entire Visible Colour Spectrum

Day 18: Guided Meditation

  • Introduction

  • Guided Video Session

Day 19: Putting it all Together

  • Introduction

  • Session

Day 20: A Real-time Practice Session with me

  • Introduction

  • Session

Day 21: Additional Resources & Deeper Insights

  • From Video Links to Book Recommendations 


Tamara N. said:

“I am amazed at how different my mindset is after just 21 days of taking care of my needs. I know this isn't important to my family members, but it is something I get to do for myself every day.


The lessons are short enough and gave me so much insight into what mindfulness really is about. I'm amazed at how good I feel making pretty pages that help me sort out my negativity. I liked the journaling with colour blocks lesson the most.


Now looking forwards to another 21 days to fill my soul with something I want to do every day.”

Encouraging Heartfelt Testimonials 

MSP Lesson Plan
A Mindful Sketchbook Practice - Assets-0
MSP Testimonials

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