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  • An atonement with Yourself & Source

  • A deep releasing of old thought patterns

  • Short daily practices for wellbeing

  • Elevated thinking processes

  • A connection to Your inner voice

  • Playfulness with creative ideas

  • Gathering of valuable practice with positive outcomes

  • Nurturing Yourself before things disturbs your peace

  • Finding quiet time to ease You away from chaos

  • Releasing tension in Your mind & body

Ease Your Heart into feelings of guided 'Slow Living' 

You won't need any special journals to start, only the Free Resources

I'll give You each day to Develop a Mindful Practice that builds up Your Resilience

A Mindful Sketchbook Practice - Assets-05_edited.png

21-Days of Mindful Sketchbook Practices

Indulge in these Amazing Benefits

Come on in, let's begin your Journey of Wellness today!

Learn to Breathe, find balance & begin in total ease to master a few minutes of Your day.
You'll welcome in your inner voice,play with creative ideas, build valuable practices within 21 days...

With guidance, notes, images, texts & videos to inspire Your creativity & find a path to your inner joy with small steps that are in line with your natural rhythms.

Allowing a natural discovery of your deeper feelings; never pushing,
only nudging forward day by day.
Practice the art of 'Slow Living' by becoming fully immersed in practices to uplift you
into creative expression & self-empowerment.

MSP Benefits

Let's Take a Look Inside
& discover what You'll learn over the next 21 Days

Week  1
Everything You Need to make the best of the 21 Days

Day 1: The Purpose of a Mindful Sketchbook Practice


- Supplies 5 Downloads to Print out right away

- The Benefits of Mindfulness

- Setting Yourself up for Success

- Answering the "what if's"
- Art Print Download

- Video Lesson

Day 2: Grounding the Whole Human


- Breathing Paint-along

- Turn on the Rhythmic Breathing

- Breathing Science

- Stop trying to control the Mind

- Your miraculous Body

Day 3: Connecting with Your Mind, Body & Heart 


- The three-fold Mind Paint-along

- Your Three-fold Mind 

- The Optimal State

- Shower Yourself with Compassion

- Stillness

- Mindfulness for Your Mind

- Mindfulness for Your Body

- Mindfulness for Your Soul


Day 4:Time to get into Your Sketchbooks


- Your ever present "God-Particle"

- Your ever present "God-Particle" Paint-along

- Write or Draw Words

- A little two week challenge

Day 5: Live Call Replay 


-Did You find the Downloads & More

- The Six Practices

- The Mindful Sketchbook Practices Description

- The Mindful Practices Examples

Day 6: Practice #1 - Journaling with Colour Splashes


- How to use this Practice

- Real time Demo for Journaling with Colour

Day 7: Practice #2 - Diary Notes

- How to use this Practice

- Real time Demo for Diary Notes

Week  2
Extended Practices

Week  3
Extend & Elevate More 

Day 8: Practice #3 - Thought Journaling


- How to use this Practice

- Real time Demo for Thought Journaling

Day 9: Practice #4 - Sketching & Drawing

- How to use this Practice

- Real time Demo for Sketching & Drawing

Day 10: Practice #5 - Nature Journaling


- How to use this Practice

- Real time Demo for Nature Journaling

Day 11: Practice #6 - Asemic Writing

- How to use this Practice

- Real time Demo for Asemic Writing

Day 12: Elevate Your Sessions with Sound 


- Solfeggio Healing Playlist 

- The Miracle Frequency 

Day 13: Elevate Your Sessions with Water

- Floral Tea Blends

- Tea Blend Download


Day 14: Elevate Your Sessions with Essential Oils


- Other Recommended Essential Oils

- Diffuser Blends & The three oils I Love

Day 15: Elevate Your Sessions with Crystals

- Their Energies & the practical application of the Energies

Day 16: Elevate Your Sessions with Candles


- A Little Tealight Candle Practice 

Day 17: Elevate Your Sessions with Colour

- The Meaning of the Colour Spectrum

Day 18: Guided Meditation

-Full Video Session

Day 19: Putting it all Together

- Full Video Session BONUS 1

Day 20: A Real-time Practice Session with me

- Full Video Session BONUS 2

Day 21: Additional Resources & Deeper Insights



You Receive 21-Days of Audio Lessons,

Video Demos & Printables for the Limited Time Program Offer

Plus I'm on the other side listening to Your Heart

as You build up Your Mindful Sketchbook Practice

with exactly what You need to feel Whole again!

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Tamara N. said:

“I am amazed at how different my mindset is after just 21 days of taking care of my needs. I know this isn't important to my family members, but it is something I get to do for myself every day.


The lessons are short enough and gave me so much insight into what mindfulness really is about. I'm amazed at how good I feel making pretty pages that help me sort out my negativity. I liked the journaling with colour blocks lesson the most.


Now looking forwards to another 21 days to fill my soul with something I want to do every day.”

A Mindful Sketchbook Practice - Assets-0

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