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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

3 Quick Paths to Find Treasures through Creative Lifestyle Practices

In today's fast-paced world, taking time to engage in creativity or mindfulness is maybe too much to ask... but did you know these practices can reveal hidden treasures within ourselves.

Psychological research shows that there are useful practical aspects to activating the right side of your mind; not only to enhance your mental wellness but also to foster a deeper connection to your inner voice. It is in this space of clarity you hold the wisdom you seek.

By integrating simplified mindful practices into your daily life, you literally tap into a wellspring of potential to enrich both your personal & professional experiences in this life.

The First Pathway is about Nurturing Wisdom Learned From Life's Experiences to Embrace Our Challenges

Life itself is a great teacher, particularly in areas like our careers. It offers up invaluable lessons through interactions with those we spend so much time with every day... To be able to navigate those professional challenges, whether it's adapting to a new role or overcoming setbacks, cultivating resilience or bringing across a new insight to your colleagues minds, having your brain in harmony to be your best is a must!!!

Embracing these life experiences with a growth mindset allows us to transform obstacles into opportunities for learning, developing & to make life enjoyable.

"Mindfulness nurtures the wisdom we already have inside. To excel & thrive in our careers while life feels more like something we want to be part of, just like waiting to play along it takes patient calmness to see the value in the rewards waiting on the other side of experience."

-Tanya J. de Wet

Mindful & Calm
Husky, the Studio Muse Calmly waits to go play outside while mum finishes work xo

The Second Path is Integrating Lifestyle Practices

Our lifestyle choices also play a significant role in how we nurture our minds. Without mindful practices brain-fog may prevent our wisdom to shine through. It may also cave at the first sight of overwhelm & then let life's worries run away with our imaginations... And we aren't talking about the good parts of our imagination.

Mindful lifestyle practices such as using cleaning & clearing out as a meditative process instead of seeing it as a chore...

Making time for Sketchbook Journaling by sitting down with your feelings & experiencing loss, setbacks or stress to move you out of that space...

Or simply adding creative play to your day to unwind & be part of what life is giving you...

With any mindful practice, you'll spend less time in resentment over who made the floors dirty & have more time to go out to enjoy life because it is right there waiting for you. Waiting in that place where life feels like effortless play. That place that provides us with the mind-space to process our experiences & gain more clarity.

These practices I've mentioned are but a few, there's more inside the Self-Mastery Membership in the form of video lessons, monthly PDF companion documents & healing from within.

Every month we dive deeper into helping you stay grounded, become more present in your life, giving you valuable assets to enrich your life as well as enabling you to capture meaningful insights from what life offers your through experience.

If you want to learn more about how Self-Mastery uplifts your life, read some testimonials >>> HERE

And the Third Pathway is a Well-Loved One Where We Learn From Each other & Build our Relationship

From time to time I invite small groups to our home here in the heart of Gippsland to get to know them. Spoil them a little & integrate different viewpoints to enrich each other's lives. It is our interactions with one another in intimate settings that becomes one of the most enriching sources of additional wisdom.

We get to engage with each other's interesting characters. We get to build our relationships & we form a community bond around what we love doing most. Each sharing their strengths, creating our intimate tribe with guidance we can tap into when we need support. When we need help. When we need comfort. When we have something to contribute. And to contribute insights. Believe it or not, even the smallest insight from the quietest hearts will nurture a group of like-minded individuals like us.

Now in case you need a group of creative friends, we are building a community on Facebook & You are more than welcome to join us there. As a matter of fact, it is where I share the Gratitude Practices & a few snippets of my Magic Morning Practices that are so loved by peers who try it for themselves.

Find us >>> HERE at the Sketchbook Journal Group where we offer a diverse group of people the opportunity to learn, experience & share their creative perspectives while supporting each other through encouragement.

By building strong relationships & learning from these experiences, we get to be part of other's lives. This broadens our understanding of life's balancing act while it allows for a certain enhanced experience in our ability to navigate life's complexities as we discover how other's have gone through obstacles themselves.

As we foster meaningful win-win-win connections that contribute to one another, we significantly increase our overall wellbeing, that wholeness & the wisdom we get to tap into.

Here, in communion with others who speak your language, you can bloom. It takes knowledge of the Self to really master life's ups & downs. And what better way to celebrate that by investing in Your Growth & Transformation.

On our Self-Mastery Journey, the monthly insights gives you access to a wealth of resources designed to help you blossom into a deeper connection to what you want to accomplish in life. it is the membership that offers you exclusive contents, personalized support & a vibrant growing community dedicated to mindfulness & calm self-improvement that leads to success.

Revealing undiscovered treasures within, you get to nurture different levels of wisdom, lean into life's experiences & grow into the empowered individual you aspire to be.

Much Love

xo Tanya

PS: In it you get my support & insights to help you along your individual pathway Start HERE Today!!!

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