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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Never give up on your dreams

I would love to encourage you to keep on making work that evolves into your unique style so that you do have something spectacular to show the world when the eyes come looking. Keep on creating to your hearts content as the world is preparing to see more of you in it!

I don’t know if I mentioned this to you yet, but my biggest dream ever is to have one of my Wallpaper Design Collections featured on the walls of a film set for the next block-buster movie – maybe something with a romantically themed drama & an old Chateau. Who knows what fairy tale magic a Creative Director can come up with or how it might come about? The scene for a Countryside Mansion brimming with Floral Gardens & Romance --- which sounds like a place I’d love to live in & host my retreats in too…

Can you imagine this?

“The smell of the ocean lingering along the background sights of beautiful outstretched beaches on a clear day. Light blue waves crashing within sight with the breath of salty air carried to your senses. Riding on the waves, your joy as it is brought into the lap of your creative hands while they are writing down the building notes of a big dream for your future...

Magnificent feelings like these can be a reality for you. Finding the possibilities in an upcoming three day retreat will be the shortest path to your creative career taking flight. We don't have to love our dreams in a moment of memories as the retreat you've always dreamed of is within reach.

Leaning into your own creative genius to find exactly what's next...

Maybe your dream began years ago & seems like a distant, abandoned castle? Or you may have forgotten why you wanted to surrounding yourself with something divinely inspired & beautiful to look at? Did your creative juices run out with the dream when you found yourself at a loss for business resources? Or are you just at your wits end because sales are not what you expected?

I remember feeling like this too. My automatic response was to doubt my abilities & then hide from the world. This caused even more strain as the disappointment stopped me from creating anything. I felt unworthy of being a high converting artist with a steady income & literally sabotaged myself with negative thoughts.

So, do you know what is a better way of doing it? Having a set of workable strategies that work for you while you build the perfect creative career!

Do you remember in the beginning of the year when I talked about the secrets to success & building a creative career? (Read the article here)

The steps looked something like this...

Step 1 - Beginner Skills

Step 2 - Finding a mentor with a supportive community

Step 3 - Create an additional income stream

Step 4 - Show your creativity

Incorporating my knowledge we can now come to a point where we take a look behind the scenes to see how to build a creative career. To do this, I created a three day intensive retreat.

The Creative Entrepreneurs Retreat is a three day intensive with all of the topics mentioned below to give you long term results in your specific creative career. We will build it out in real time during the Retreat to give you the exact tools to elevate your creative ideas into a career. Together we'll take the dream from a casual hobby or untapped talent into a super charged income stream you can be super proud of.

What is covered during the three day intensive Creative Entrepreneurs Retreat?

Day 1 (9 am - 4:30 pm)

Introduction to Creative Career Entrepreneurship

- How to ENVISION a career you'll LOVE with a better mindset?

- Three HUGE Goals

- Five lies we believe about business

- Finding Your Creative Voice

- How to CREATE a career you'll LOVE?

- Build a Recognisable Brand with your uniqueness

Streamline & Stay Organised

- Automation

- Business Tools that work better

- How to launch new products, collections or a series of works?

- Create your own personalised templates to re-use

- Play on Your Strongest Traits


What's available & how to leverage it?

- Wholesale Customers & how to keep up demand?

- Print On Demand & finding Resources?

- Exhibitions, shows, email pitch templates

- Reaching out to events for publicity

Day 2 (9 am - 4:30 pm)

Where to place Your Focus & stop procrastination?

- Overcoming "Busy work" & Procrastination

- Five new secrets to business success

- Get paid to do what you love

- How to create more income?

- Add multiple streams of revenue with more value

Proper Budgeting for Entrepreneurs!

- What you've must implement now!

- How to Properly use a budget plan for a Creative Entrepreneurs Business

- My complete brilliant budget printable


When to Copyright, Legal Matters & Accounting

- Disclaimer: This is what I know

- Where to seek advice for for free & find more resources

- Accounting basics, what you must know now


- How to make a $ million

- Why you haven't yet?

Day 3 (9 am - 3:30 pm)

Advertising, Marketing & what to expect from your Creative Career

- Creative strategies

- Best outcome strategies for a creative career

- How to Market your Creative Works?

- The Six mistakes entrepreneurs make

- Bypassing the Five mistakes new business owners make

- Use free advertising effectively


- Receive my EXTENSIVE Resource List

- How to Stay Super Motivated?

- Daily self-practices

- Time to Create & when to take action

- Stress Relief

- Accountability

Q & A

Farewell Gift

In short, I’ve taken many years of knowledge & wrapped it all into the perfect Three day intensive Creative Entrepreneurs Retreat.

With a well-loved service & product-based creative career spanning over 28 years, I’ve had the opportunity to add all my success to bring you the exact knowledge I used to create a multiple stream income business.

The prosperity of a creative career is built from the inside out. It's a hands-on approach that ensures the rewards are in line with your dreams.

Firstly to gift you with a personalised creative expression in line with your vision.

Secondly to create a business that scales as you grow.

The third important reason is to be at the helm of a creative business you can manage form anywhere, giving you more time to enjoy your status instead of being a slave to the dream.

Knowing how important your vision is to the future of your business & the success you've been craving, is what drives me to help other creatives build their dreams in the most rewarding ways.

Life can sometimes hinder us from gathering the inspiration to create something amazing & even show up for ourselves when we need to. Feeling blocked by situations & thinking patterns that don’t allow us to grow is ultimately hindering the real progress we long for.

Let me ask you this... Do you feel fulfilled in your business or are you the last person to get paid a decent salary? Have you reverted to be on key duties & running the errands? Do you really feel on top of the world in your business?

As creative entrepreneurs it is imperative that we feel satisfied while our business is taken care of & we earn the type of income we’ve always wanted

These days I have more time to create, more resources than I’ve ever had before. My network has grown into business associates most can only dream of & opportunities come around so often that I have to put things on hold to make sure I give my attention to only the ones that fit into the big dream.

Now, before we host the next Creative Entrepreneurs Retreat, I need some feedback from you in regards to your specific needs so that the next one will be even better. I’ll only ask a few short questions & take your feedback to heart in preparation.

So, please take a few moments to imprint your thoughts on the feedback form so I know what you need from me in an upcoming retreat near you

I can hardly wait for the next ones, as I have found the perfect place where we can be together for the three days to make the best of all the resources & still have enough time to get your business moving forward in a big way.

The places we'll come together can leave us replenished & ready to take on our BIGGEST DREAMS

Just look at the breathtaking Lake Tyers area with the beautiful beaches & nearby amenities a true retreat must have! Sun, sand & sketchbooks.... I meant to say Laptops ha ha ha

You'll have enough downtime to work on your three big goals & add your favourite activity into each day. Along the way you'll discover new friendships, enjoy a little solitude & reflect on your ideas to bring your creative career to life!

In case you didn't know this yet or forgot to look last time... did you know that I carved out an opportunity to be featured on the Colour in Your Life TV Show & also recently heard that my designs will be going to be displayed in the Museum on the Moon. It feels like a fairy tale, but I promise you it's as real as the words you are reading here today. Can you imagine what my grandchildren & great grandchildren would think when they look up at the Moon & know that my Art & designs are up there preserved on a little disk...

Amazing how far a humble creative career can take you, right!

All I know for certain is that my heart is one filled with a romanticised lifestyle that I’m actually living right now! With my first book published & available online, Surface Pattern Designs being reviewed by Art Directors as we speak, the free programs are running smoothly & my ongoing creative career is wholeheartedly fulfilling. The reality is clear; I am totally in love with my multi-faceted creative career.

Until next time friends, keep on dreaming & building your vision for your one-of-a-kind creative career




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