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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Sailing Solo in a Creative Career & the 4 Strategies to Ask for Support!

Just as in conquering the inner critic, believing in oneself is paramount when venturing into entrepreneurship without the backing of home support. Acknowledge your strengths, celebrate your achievements, and remind yourself of the value you bring to your passion-based business.

In my previous article, "6 Tactics to Conquer the Inner Critic & Slice Through the Jungle of Doubts," we explored strategies to overcome internal barriers that often hinder our creative pursuits. Now, let's delve deeper into how women can navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with the resilience and determination of a lioness. In this article, we'll outline three key areas of focus to support your dreams and empower you to soar on your creative career journey, even when support at home may be lacking.

In the pursuit of our creative passions, we often encounter scepticism, doubts, fear based behaviours & I'm not talking about that voice inside you, today it's about the voices around you.

While our partners, family & loved ones may not fully grasp the intricacies of our creative endeavours, their concern often stems from a lack of tangible evidence that our dreams can become a sustainable reality. In this article, we'll explore concrete ways to demonstrate to partners that the kind of success you are building in your creative ventures isn't only possible but achievable with dedication, support & time.

Speaking form the heart of experience, into the hands of help to touch the minds of those you need help from!

Here are 3 things you can do to cultivate the support you need

#1 You need to properly articulate your creative vision clearly, not in the way you understand it in your head, but in the way you would like others to understand it. Putting it in words brings the fantasy out in the open.

Remember, ideas are in your head is not going to translate well when you try to explain it to the people you are seeking support from. As long as these ideas are floating around in there, they are too vague to understand.

Can you explain the vision you have for the passionate business you are creating in a way that the purpose drives the money part home? Can you show on paper that the endeavours you are literally painting into the world isn't just for yourself?

Being able to communicate your goals, the intentional steps you are going to take, both short-term & long-term to illustrate how your creative pursuits align with your values... the methods you want to use to earn an above average income & how you need support?

It is often the lack of clarity you are not providing that hinders the comprehension of what you are pursuing. I remember when my Son asked me if I'm going to sit in the studio all day making patterns or if I'm actually planning on selling any of them? It is hard for others to understand your vision, but you can help them see the success you are after by choosing a specific path & work on that path until it has come to fruition.

If you are the type of person that jumps from one project to the next, then I would also be concerned that you are not doing the things that will make your big dreams come true.

Maybe today you could ask yourself: "What am I doing to make my big dream a reality & does it look like that from the outside?"

#2 Secondly, for the Love of What You Do, Please Showcase Your Small Wins!

While grand achievements may take time to materialize, celebrating the small victories along the way becomes the proof that you are doing the things that move you forward. You could see this as the real evidence that you are not just creating random things, but that the things you are creating are making an impact in your life.

Whether it's landing your first client, receiving positive feedback on your work, or reaching a milestone in your creative projects where you've implemented the strategies that lead to personal successes. These all compound to show your partner that you are making progress & that the momentum is building

Maybe for today you could go back to see if there are any "Highlights, or incremental small wins that could help you validate your efforts. Do you have proof that could reinforce a belief that your creative works are indeed bearing fruit, aka making you any money?"

Developing a strategic plan outlining actionable steps towards achieving your creative goals, setting & pursuing your intentions & then breaking these down into objectives is so much more manageable, than what most creative career women do... Do you know what they do? They wing it & hope things happen along the way & two years down the line blame others for not making it big!

Setbacks will happen but we cannot sit back & blame others for it. We need to take charge of what we do. And if your partner does not understand what you are doing, then do it in silence. Never complain about it & take every failure as a lessons learned that allows you to dig deeper to make the changes needed to make things better.

Let them witness firsthand the evolution of your journey towards success. And then enjoy the fact that you made it to the end-line.

Maybe for today you could be your own best support & stand up for yourself in support of what you do by putting an action plan in place!


  • Are you facing resistance because your partner needs help, support & financial input for the household expenses?

  • Are you not seeing that they need help & support too?

  • Are you spending all your time in the studio & neglecting other tasks that used to be your responsibility?

  • Are there things you could be doing to make the financial burden easier?

  • Are you complaining for the right reasons?

  • Are you clear on what you need to do to reach your big dreams or are you stalling on making some hard choices that will?

  • Are you spelling out what you need or simply not sure what that is?

Answer these questions for yourself to see if what you need is support or are you simply frustrated that you aren't reaching a goal or seeing the results you were hoping to get.

We are often sold on those "magic solution" that didn't work because we didn't get the entire recipe. All around the world we are seeing more & more people trying to sell you on something that delivers so called instant results. The fat loss pill that melts away belly fat... the one funnel that will give you 5 warm leads a day... the automated sales strategy built by Ai so you can sit back & see the money roll in... No! I don't think so! We are being sold on individual elements that take up our time, move us off our true path & that rob us of our passions. Your Creative Career is not based on a cookie cutter business idea.

Instead of trying to find support at home what you need is the right kind of help to build the Creative Career that will stand the test of time. This is a service on offer through the Creative Mastermind Program. Learn more here >>>

Story time!

I'm remember being in a place asking for support in the wrong way.

What I wanted from my husband was a hug at the end of the day & the occasional effort to wash the dishes if I had a busy day in the studio. I'm not expecting him to solve my business problems either. In the beginning we agreed that he'll give me $50 a fortnight so I could pay for a program I needed while I took care of the house, the garden, the children, driving them around & to do all the shopping trips. then as time went on, I needed a little more & the $50's became $200 a fortnight that was paying for my business coaching & the tools I needed to pursue my big dreams.

All of the support I needed from Conrad I openly asked for. We discussed how we were going to help each other do it all. We set up a plan, a timeline & a strategy on the calendar to keep everyone at home in the loop.

Without proper communication & an understanding of what the objectives are, it is difficult for someone not on the same path as you to understand where your journey is leading towards.

May today be the day you find the right support for what you are doing. If that includes working on your big dreams to see how you are the bottleneck in your business & then doing the things that needs to be done to get yourself on track with your Creative Career salary outcomes, then you might be ready to have a business mentor.

Now I don't know what you expected to get from the support you need, but if you need support in business, the last place you should be asking for it is at home. Our partners are there to love us, to care about us & if we are acting in strange ways they don't understand, the support may not feel like the right kind of support you are looking for.

Maybe for today ask yourself: "Why do you need support? Is it for the validation, the approval or is your partner expecting an income from you to help support them in the financial burdens at home?"

We shouldn't be waiting for the right type of support, we need to make it the time to surround ourselves with the right support!

Much Love

xo Tanya

PS: Need Support to Grow Your Business & Creative Career, we have these options available >>> Find Out HERE

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