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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

6 Tactics to Conquer the Inner Critic & Slice Through the Jungle of Doubts

Embarking on a creative career is akin to stepping into a dense jungle filled with doubts & uncertainties.


The journey is exhilarating, but the presence of an inner critic can often feel like tracking a thick jungle... This doesn't have to be a Dream-Crushing event in your life. In fact, there is a way to slice through the weeds of doubt.

In this article, we will explore the common doubts that plague Creative Minds to unveil six tactics to overcome these obstacles, allowing your creativity to blossom while making room for your growth to happen naturally.


Curbing that Jungle of Weeds with the first doubtful seed - Am I Talented Enough?

Reaching a level of talent through Tactic #1

Creative pursuits often begin with a seed of doubt about one's talent. The inner critic whispers, "Are you truly gifted?" To overcome this, focus on the process, not just the end result. Acknowledge that growth is part of the journey, talent is the developed of a skill & through continuous mistakes the real effort will reveal your growth & the talent will emerge from learning the lessons one mistake at a time.


Comparison is often that second nagging weed which I like to call the Poison Ivy of Creativity.

To solve this, let's look at Tactic #2

Comparing oneself to others is a toxic habit that stifles creativity. The inner critic loves to draw parallels, making you feel inferior. Counter this by celebrating your unique voice, recognizing that every creative journey is distinctly different & instead of comparing your work to someone else, seek to find inspiration from others without making your growth insignificant. You cannot let someones work of 15 years rain on your 2 year journey... it will only dim your own light & not reflect the truth of how much you've already grown.


The third little weed in the jungle of doubt is Perfectionism which can be a pesky little invader.

But there's Tactic #3 to help you banish this one too... 

Perfectionism is the weed that chokes creativity at its roots, prevents nourishment to reach the growth you need & it demands from an inner critical absurdity that everything must be flawless... This is the work of a paralyzing weed that stops any progress.

To Overcome this one means you'll need to embrace imperfections at every opportunity & catch yourself when you halt your own growth. Understanding that the creative process is an iteration of repeat processes that only come close to perfection at the end of the journey, not while you are on it. Any mistakes are mere processes toward self-mastery of your mind, your skills & your willingness to make those mistakes count towards the perfection you are striving towards.


Forth is that gremlin called Fear. It is nothing more than a way to let the beast within keep on growing.

It's time for you to tame that wild beasts from the inside out with Tactic #4

That prowling monster creeps in the shadows & robs you of you creative problem solving skills. This in return may cause you to doubt your Creative Career, your ability to blossom & once you start second-guessing your abilities it stains every other thing you try to do to improve.

Combating this fear by re-framing it as a learning experience means that the small fear does not end up becoming a huge fearful state of mind. Re-framing it becomes a crucial step towards future success as you begin to embrace the possibility of the lessons learned instead of giving the problems the "fuel", you take that fuel to empower your resilience.


In Fifth place is that nagging Impostor that I call the Phantom Menace.

And for the Phantom Menace there is Tactic #5

That impostor convinces you that your achievements are mere luck, or worse that it can not happen to you because you "lack" something... It has nothing to with your results or your skills. It's just a silent voice that you've given permission to speak. It is this inner-critic that needs to be shushed through an acknowledgement of your accomplishments. It needs to understand that you deserved your place in the creative landscape & that there is room for you in it. You are literally sharing your journey with others who have similar hopes & dreams that is often revealed at different times. You are not alone on this journey, we have built a caring relationship within Self-mastery for Creatives to learn how to love themselves, their work & see how important they are. Learn more >>> HERE & join the shared journey with like-minded creatives who have similar struggles. There's no pressure, the waitlist is open for you.


With that ever lingering Sixth Weed called Pr... pr.... pr... procrastination. Phew that was hard to spit out... For this one we'll need a bigger tactic to tame this smothering jungle vine.

With Tactic #6 we will Tame the Time-Waster!


Procrastination is the sneaky vine that creeps into creative spaces, hinder productivity & makes you feel guilty for slacking your way to success. Break free from its tireless grip is the only defence. Setting your intentions with small changes & achievable habit changes you can begin to establish a new routine based on things that move you forward, not keep you stuck.

It needs to be nurtured, cultivated & habitually disciplined over time. Procrastination loses its power over your growth when it is confronted with consistency, focused efforts, new habits that lead you towards those real tasks & the ability to spot when you are blindsided by its sneaky stealth-ness!


In the jungle of weeds your greatest enemy is doubts! And if you have a problem with figuring out how to Overcome those Dream Crushing Weeds, we have you covered with a Free 13-page Download to get you started right now!

And once you realize that you are in need of more guidance, there's an accompanying 10-Day Video Lesson Plan with More Downloadables to Guide You Through the Jungle of Weeds

Your creative spirit is your guiding light... For you, the adventure through the jungle of weeds begins when your heart uncovers uncharted territories where the inner critic may hide in persistence. It is your job to disarm those doubts with the tactics & solutions I shared above so that you can slice through the Dream-Crushing Weeds & Emerge Victorious.

Use every opportunity to embrace your creativity, celebrate your uniqueness & remember that every doubt is an opportunity for growth.

Your creative journey is a story waiting to unfold. So, rewrite those doubts with a re-frame to encourage your inner resilience & shine your little light until it lights the way for another on their journey!

Much Love

xo Tanya

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