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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

What’s the Deal with Habits, Do I Really Need to Change Anything?

When we think in terms of habits, we think of sitting on a couch eating chips & watching movies all day. What a habit really is, is a repeat action that either moves you forward or keeps you stuck.


Having habits that help you develop the things you want to do in life requires you take action.

Many of these actions may in the beginning feel small, but every small step forward helps you gain more perspective on what you are doing. It also helps you narrow down in focus a little more while building the confidence to do even greater things. Cultivating better habits is literally building your foundations to erect the Big Dreams on solid ground.

What You Are Doing with Supportive Habits is Putting Your Will in Action To Do What Needs to Be Done!  


One of the things that will keep you from moving forward.. Hold you from doing the right thing... From moving from that spot you are stuck in... Into actions that will lead to a desired outcomes, is procrastination.

Procrastination is a coping mechanism; it's a way to shield yourself from possibly making a mistake. It's a way to prevent you from doing something that will actually get you out of your comfort zone. It is also a way for you to prevent your own growth! It's not that you're doing this on purpose. Procrastination is a Misdirection From Overwhelm! And when you haven't made the time to write something down that is important enough to give your attention to, your head will be like a runaway train running on the fuel of overwhelm!!!! This will always keep us stuck where we are without any direction. It's for this very reason I teach six techniques, collectively called magic Mornings. In this write it to ignite it writing process, any one of these practices can help you unravel what you want to accomplish. Not through a to-do list or punishment, but through intentions that start a chain reaction to build one habit at a time while overcoming your deepest fears.

To learn more about these six practices >>> Visit the information page HERE

And if you want to know how to change one habit at a time >>> See HERE what we do in Self-Mastery

Seeing your ideas out in the open, on paper in a little jotted plan means your head isn't in the way to convince you of anything else but the facts. Turning the rush of thoughts from overwhelm into clarity does 4 amazing things for you:

  • It Takes Away the Worries

  • It helps you Focus on what to Tackle Next

  • It validates your Big Dreams

  • and it compels you to Get Stuff done


The nasty thing that will keep you stuck is Procrastination. Once the habit of procrastinating takes hold of the hours in your day, it will eventually become an ordinary thing your mind will want to do & you won't be able to see it happening. The main reasons for procrastination is a lack of passion for one’s own livelihood, joy & happiness. Not just any type of happiness but the type of happiness you feel when you accomplish something.

Now, hear me when I say this... When this nasty habit has stuck itself to you & you feel a general kick to go back to what you are used to, you'll revert back to procrastination because your actions affect you in a negative way. Not giving in to procrastination only seems difficult if you don't have direction. The easiest way to get direction is to write your next move down on a piece of paper! In this case a simple sticky note will also do the trick.

"The most enjoyable way to start this new habit is to use a Journal, your daily Diary, a pretty Notebook or a blank Sketchbook to bring your creative ideas to life"


I've noticed many people jokingly say they have advanced stages of procrastination, as if that is a habit essential to their existence. Here's a touch of tough love for you - get rid of it!

I'll share a snippet of a story from my own life. I was the great procrastinator. At work i was a genius & worked like a machine to get everything in shipshape order but at home one pile of washing would get me in a knot. It wasn't that I didn't want to do the load, it was that I felt that it wasn't important enough to prioritize... why would I, we all had cupboards full of clothing. A similar thing happened when I was studying at technical college. I would go to class, take notes, did practical work every day but when it came to studying for the theoretical exams, I'd wait until the night before to jump into action to get some information in. It was nearly always preceded by several days of procrastination. Then the laundry became important, the grass had to be mowed, suddenly the windows had to be washed the night before the exams.

What worked to solve this cycle was writing. Writing down what I needed to do ahead of time gave me a clear indication of when things are due, when the best times are to wash the windows & when it's time to start learning.

With this, delivering poor result simply isn't an option anymore


In a Creative Career, or in your quest to become your best version, getting stuff done when it needs to be done needs to be a chronic condition. Incorporating great habit will always get you to do things differently. Making your life have deeper meaning becomes true the day you choose to do something about all of it.

Once you form new habits about the things you do, the thought around overwhelm leaves your mind & it drives your actions automatically into the new way of life. Never entertaining previous thoughts will result in an increased level of greatness & that choice is yours to make.

Focus on your strengths & overcome procrastination, overwhelm & all kinds of other behaviours to accomplishing more meaningful things.

I'd like to share these as a bases of the things you can consider changing. It's these exact habits that brought about a better perspective in my life to reflect on the personality traits I was developing, the relationships & networking opportunities created with other people & what I wanted to do every day. All of these habits attributed to become normalized in regular active habits that elevated work ethics, results & developed behind the scenes when nobody else was there to prod me on or watched to see if the work gets done. This is the lot of what your life turns into... either something you love or something you hate based on your habits.

It is the habits only you can bring to life by applying & adopting new ways of doing things more effectively while you learn how to become the person who does not have habits that keep themselves stuck. In terms of habits, the actions you take regularly is the work you get to do to become wealthier.

What are you spend your money on, how you take care of what you have to make it grow & how you maximize your money habits to build the lasting wealth habits that will sustain all your Big Dreams in the end.


By studying the habits of some of the wealthiest people in the world I learned that they have specific things they do all the time. These things help them gain more direction, better connections & drive their actions to accumulate a wealth mindset. It is the mindset that builds on the habits they implement throughout their lives that give them the outcomes they want. They are not more intelligent, more privileged, or lucky. They had good habits!

Here follows a short list of some of the habits that you can start adapting by replacing some of those bad habits that keep you from growing, earning more & becoming the person you want to be.

Start using these as if you are talking to yourself


Number One: I Will Change their Words

Speak with more cautious in words that propel actions towards empowering confirmations about building confidence & passions. With these words I place more emphasis on cultivating good interpersonal relationships instead of listening to the doubts of the inner-critic within me.

Number Two: I have Stronger Emotional Control

 I build my self esteem to become part of the Big Dream & the parts it will take to build it the way I want it. I can find people who I can look up when I need inspiration. There are many examples I can live up to, to create my own greatness. With it I lift others out of negative habits, poor thinking & emotional roller-coasters into a place where they can thrive alongside me.


Number Three: I Will Set Daily, Monthly & Yearly Intentions to Reach any Goal

Any of my goals are within reach as long as I pursue them wholeheartedly. I'll write them out in my own handwriting, look at them at least 3 times a day until I’ve gained clarity on doing the best thing to get them.

Number Four: I Will Enhance Myself Worth Every Day

I'll elevate all my actions going forward, including feeling good about getting up in the morning, being excited about doing the work that I love doing & I will pay attention to my physical actions to update my mind, body & self-beliefs.

Number Five: I Will Build & Maintain Sustainable Relationships

Every encounter with people will be an opportunity to make a new friend & stop making excuses to socialize. I keep my promises to others & myself.

Number Six: I Will Live a Disciplined Life

Every day is the perfect day to start a good habit & take systematic action on the tasks to do them diligently. I make my work enjoyable while focusing on the things that move me forward without letting procrastination get in the way of any of it.

Number Seven: I Will Remind Myself to Complete Today's Tasks on Time

Keeping myself accountable for the things I need to do without complaining, cutting corners or leaving important things out. I am responsible, capable & willing to do what it takes.

Number Eight: I Will Live With a Wealth Building Mindset

By learning how to hold onto my wealth instead of looking for things to waste my money on, I get to build a portfolio of wealth starting with a little nest egg I nurture one dollar at a time. I build structure in my payment plans to settle my debts, have a positive bank balance & do more with the income I now have. I will make myself proud of my actions.

Number Nine: I Will Do Good in the World

From every amount I receive, a portion goes towards a worthy cause to help improve the lives of others.

Number Ten: I Will Control My Thoughts, Emotions & Reactions

From my being only comes a calm response to life in a way that uplifts everyone through the choices I make. All things that happen are good things & have good outcomes, even if I'm unaware of them in the moment. All of it works out for my good.


Gaining clarity about what you are going to do to eliminate bad habits will cement these ten things in your daily activities. Together they will help you break free from any limiting belief you may hold about yourself, your relationships & how you're going to build your wealth


To accompany you in this process, you can download my free workbook, “Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds” >>> HERE

Discover where you may be stuck in overwhelm to pull the weeds living in your mind & set yourself free!


Much Love

xo Tanya

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