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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Change by Choosing What You Love

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

In my Creative Career, I've made many changes & took many more calculated risks in order to move forward in life. But I wasn't ever stuck in a position where I couldn't enjoy what I was doing wholeheartedly. I wouldn't want you to do anything other than to follow your heart.

Do you sometimes feel that we as Creatives do not have something called job-satisfaction, we simply fall in love with what we create & hope other's will love it too. Sounds lovely doesn't it? But it doesn't bring in the cash! If you need answers now, why not jump to get a hold of a spot the discover how to use The Secret Formula's I've developed over 30+ years of Creative Career experience. Get on the list to watch it Here

It's such a romatisized notion until you find yourself knee deep in crafts, stuffing, filled sketchbooks & not much to show in terms of income...

Changing this will impact your life but it takes a choice to earn an income from the things we make. In reality, each one of us possesses the ability to choose what we will use to make more money. In return that choice will change your life as much as it will improve it.

...But we tend to think of ten ways not to do it instead of that one way it could be possible!

Here, in today's Blog Article, I am going to share with you what it looks like if we choose to do just that!

If you take into consideration that our heads come up with great ideas, our hands follow through on creating it & then we tend to fall in love with it with our hearts... but how do we get others to love it enough to pay for what we created?

Maybe you need an empowering exercise to gain insight over what you want to turn into a Creative Career?

Words that describe an empowering exercise will most likely be ones with some expectation of change attached to it; words like growth, transformation & improvement, right?!

You can watch the Secrets to Reach $2K a Week or answer this question...

How resistant are you to change?

I ask this because I'm wondering when last you measured your results? Or did you decide to just "wing it" & see what happens before you got the right help or saw any sort of income coming in?

Let's face it, without certain strategies in place & a whole lot of help, not even our hero's could do it, so why would you plod around & continue to stumbling on pennies if you could be reaching far greater income targets?!

Maybe you are a lot like me & want to know what to expect. That kind of predictability ensures I have more fun because I don't have to worry about getting the hard stuff done since my number one task is to be reliable. Years of self-employment taught me that if I don't do the difficult things early in the morning, I might put them off for the rest of the day & be upset that I didn't get around to it.

Thus my golden rule for success is this:

"DO THE DIFFICULT THINGS FIRST" so the rest of the day feels like a breeze.

Sometimes we need to call ourselves out on our own Shizz & never negotiate about what needs to be done. I've had days when I jumped in with that difficult thing & by the time it was done, I would go take a shower & cry!

Some people change almost immediately when they discover any dissatisfaction in their performance, while others require experience, crisis & distress before they do something.

I realized this when I had a panic attack last year.

To say that it felt like I was having a heart attack would be putting it mildly. It was awful & forced me to look at what I was doing (or not doing) I made a choice that day that I will change my ways because I knew I had this experience because I wasn't taking action.

So, how do we overcome our own resistance to choose the things we must do & then do them!?

A formula to change is to calculate the results

My Transformation Formula works like this:

(Dreams x Action) + (Failure x Adjustments) = Results

Basically you could ask yourself, how many times did I take action on my dreams, can I add the experiences learned by failure while changing the things that aren't working to see the result? If you can't see results, there must be something you aren't doing. Maybe you don't have a dream that's big enough yet? Or did you have a dream but simply never took action to make any of it come to life? What a bout the many times you tried... what did you learn by failing?

Share where on Your Journey You are Right Now!

Where about are You on Your Journey towards a Creative Career?

  • Busy with Creative Practices

  • On My Way to Choosing Change

  • Envisioning a Future of Success

  • Ready for My Big Dream

You see Creatives, we cannot calculate the risks if we haven't taken any & neither can we until we have a result.

Will you have moments of doubt & dissatisfaction? Yes, absolutely. Will you learn how to do it better next time? Oh YES! stems from a belief that I can achieve more than I have.

Can you see the powerful transformation behind using a simple formula effectively to enforce a positive change?

I can't make you dream bigger, or even remember the big dream you had when you were younger... but I can prompt you to recall that dream today. And if there is something waking up in you today, then take that first step & choose to start doing what you love doing. Even the smallest step will get you there in, but you have to start somewhere.

Change is hard so choose to figure out how to live better now!

Here, let me give you The Secret Formula to Reach $2K a Week or more without sacrificing the things you love doing!

May you take this formula & ask me for the help you need to get ahead of the pack to make the biggest difference in your life.

That's all I have for you today. Make sure you choose to make your Dreams a little more real today!

Much Love

xo Tanya

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