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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Creative Career Monetization

What is Creative Career Monetization?

Creativity is often confused or miss-matched with being “artistic” as many people tend to use these words as if they mean the same thing… Replacing the one with the other doesn’t mean we get to merge the essence of their meanings.

Most Creatives are simply NOT Artists but they have great ideas!!!

Maybe you feel that you need to be “artistic” to be able to implement creativity… Not so! Both of these words seem to imply having some kind of talent when in fact, many artists will tell you they don’t have any talent because they had to work hard to cultivate the results they achieve.

The same goes for creativity. In a very similar way, it is thought that being creative means having a skill, an ability, or a talent to create art when this simply isn’t true. Fine Art are works of art like paintings done with a certain artistic style that was developed over time. It can also be related to a talent for music, poetry & sculptures to just name a few.

Creativity in the form of a Creative Career is about having a set of skills that unlocks your income potential.

To reinvent yourself. To do something no-one in your family has done before. Having the creative ability to solve a problem you are having. And most of all, to figure out how to bring in financial abundance.

Now, before you bite my head off. Understanding the difference is your first clue to what I’m about to reveal. Starting with a question: “Do you think it is possible to be financially abundant using a Creative Skill?”

Want the How’s? Here are three steps to get going:

#1 Find a Practical, Applicable Way to Use Your Particular Creative Skills:

  • This step involves identifying the specific creative skills you possess

  • Finding ways to apply them in a practical context.

  • Starting with a simple assessment of your strengths.

  • Expanding into your interests within your specific field of expertise.

Examples to think about if you're a designer:

- Consider how you can offer design services for other businesses.

- Consider creating custom work for individuals.

- Design for a company or an online shop.

Here is a Skillshare Class to help you "Develop Your Style & Pitch to Yourself" to Improve Your Design Skills when venturing into expanding your client reach!

The key is to align your best skills with the perfect market who can pay for the products or services you have. This correlates to the demand & identifies more opportunities in the areas where your creative problem solving skills can solve a real-world problem or fulfil someones needs.

#2 Identify What Makes Your Gifts, Skills & Abilities Unique:

Every creative individual has a unique set of gifts, skills & abilities that set them apart from others in their field. To monetize your creativity effectively, you must:

  • Pinpoint what makes you different than the rest.

  • Explore your personal style through demand.

  • Widen your perspective on what is possible for you.

  • Narrow down your niche within a slightly broader creative landscape.

For instance, if you're a photographer:

- Your unique approach might be to specialize in pet photography.

- You could capturing aerial drone shots.

- Highlight & monetize your distinct style by using preset filters.

Here's a Skillshare Class to hone in on opening your creative thinking through Photography with Lucy Lambriex where she teaches "Creative Confidence & Camera Courage"!

Once you see the world through a new lens, you could offer the world something only you could ever do. Attract a specific audience who appreciates your particular creative offerings & turn it into a profitable Creative Career.

#3 Find the Right Business Model for What You Want to Monetize:

  • Once you've identified your practical, unique qualities, it's crucial to choose the appropriate business model to monetize your creative endeavours.

  • Different Creative Careers benefit from various monetization strategies, such as freelancing, selling products or services, licensing your work, or teaching & coaching will fit other's better.

  • Consider your goals, resources & your target audience when selecting the right model.

Let's say you are an illustrator, you could sell prints of your artwork online or collaborate with brands to create custom illustrations for products.

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For the best possible results, watch the Presentation & fill in the Presentation Notes... It will give you the best outcome as the 3 Critical Keys reveal something very few Entrepreneurs know about. While the 7 (Industry Specific) Secrets will place you ahead of the pack & give you the strategies the leaders in our industry are using right now to make more money & get back their time.

With simple adjustments to how you apply business strategies into your Creative Career choices, even beginners can start to monetize their creativity.

Incorporate these three steps into your creative career monetization strategy to not only harness your skills but also establish a sustainable income stream. By finding practical applications, emphasizing your uniqueness, and selecting the right business model, you'll be well on your way to turning your creative passions into a successful career.

Until next time, have fun dreaming bigger & making the best of all the opportunities to get started!

Much Love

xo Tanya

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06 ต.ค. 2566

I love this article and wish I was still young enough to start a business. But I'm a little past my prime years although I relish in the thought of what is possible for today's youngsters if only they jumped on board to take advantage of everything you offer dear Tanya.

31 ต.ค. 2566

🌸Thank you so much Susan B, you are already so successful with your crochet group. There's so much more joy happening for you & your group. Now that you have financial stability & a little more time you'll be so happy that you started whatever you want to do next... From what you told me, you certainly have something incredible to share with other women. We're here to support you every step of the way.

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