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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Cultivate a Creative Mindset that includes Community over Competition

The Key to Unlocking Your Best Self isn't in the corner all alone swamped with competitive work that never ends...

Creativity is not a competition or a race against other creatives to win! There's no such thing that leads to a gold medal, first place on the podium or leaving others behind in the dust of your success. Nope, trying to be #1 is a waste of your time. Whereas connection will be the best time you'll have while pursuing your creative career dreams.

I love the tribal concept of UBUNTU, an African philosophy highlights the concept that we are all connected & our wellbeing is intricately connected to the wellbeing of others.

When we think in terms of creating that connection to the people who need our input, need our uniqueness while simultaneously welcoming us in with open arms, a hug, a look of acceptance & the joy that is made together, there really is no other way than to shine together.

In the realms of creativity, you may be toiling away making a life for yourself trying to master all aspects of the "self" but if there was no-one to share that with, you'll feel unsupported along the way. Sharing enables a connection to that village that will nurture & inspire the muse within.

The journey of Self-Mastery is more than a creative mind that takes control of itself in pursuit of greatness... This journey is marked by endless explorations in search of inspiration. I'ts an expansion of imagination, a perpetual search for connection & amongst the individual mindset comes a calling to connect with people you can call family.

But what if you don't have to embark on this journey seeking that, instead finding it without ever feeling alone agian?

In your quest to develop success you'll need a community...

Let's explore the importance of creative communities & uncover how a playfulness around creating together becomes an integral component in this remarkable journey called life. Long gone are the days where a creative person's life & career do not overlap... This might be why you are struggling to connect to others as your mind is telling you that it's a solo journey & not a connected one!

OKAY, so "How are we Going to Unlocking the Power of Community?"

Recently I was asked to share a quote about this very topic. As creatives we constantly seek connection either through the work we do, the work we share or the work we creating within... let's look at how "Creativity flourishes in the company of kindred spirits. Building a community of fellow creatives not only nurtures your art but also provides a fertile ground for ideas to grow, collaborations to bloom, and support to thrive. In the tapestry of successful creative careers, the threads of community are what weave the most vibrant stories."

Nurturing connections serves as a testament to the significance of creative communities, but why is it such a powerful tool?

For starters, it nurtures that Creative part within us also known as the Soul. To capture it's powerful energy we need to interact with it on a level it understands.

That Soulful Connection understands Creativity understands expression

... it understands playfulness

& it understands the importance of Co-Creation!!!!

In terms the Souls Self-Expression & Development either in life or pursuits, we can look at it as something that will unlock the depths of your entire life to give it the deepest meaning.

Whether you're an ordinary person or an aspiring creative, a business owner or simply someone looking to find their Soul connection to yourself or others; Creative expression, writing, playing & Co-creation will offers itself up as a channel to express your thoughts, your emotions & you ideas through the inner most part of who you really are.

Within it, you'll need a connection to others who are as creatively orientated as you. Those people who will give you mindful pieces of feedback that will only add to the inspiration you'll receive on your journey.

From here in a place of connection, the solo-journey flows into a fellowship of creative minds, unwavering help, abundant support, unconditional love & the care that will ultimately provide space for you to grow as a human.

Think about it: When you share your work & receive constructive feedback, you are in the position to make adjustments & evolve your skills, giving you a way to reach new heights in your life while widening your inner circles & your career aspirations at the same time.

While most might not think of Playfulness as a Source of Inspiration, there's a real presence in a playful approach that no other practice can unlock... Being playfulness is often the secret ingredient to igniting any type of creativity. It's almost as if letting your inner-5 year old run free to embrace the joys of experimentation, failure & problem solving shines the light on what was wrong to begin with. The same happens in a creative community, you'll find the support to try again & enough encouragement to take risks, try new things, all while injecting some much-needed playfulness into your work to loosen up a little. It's within these playful moments that your best ideas take root & blossom.

Start Your Self-Mastery Journey >>>

Crafting a life you want means you are part of the Co-Creation process. Creating what you want to experience encompass a vast spectrum of creative endeavours, some of which most people are not even aware of. From coming up with a concept to seeing it through to the final painting, sculpture, knitted item or woodworking wonder. The act of creating allows you to manifest your ideas from a breath of an idea into your imagination that then builds it out systematically until the thing appears.

Within this creative process a community could provide invaluable input to the outcome of your project where giving you access to more resources, helping hands & a way to refine your outcome & to take your skills to the next level with a group that sees your vision as clearly as you do.

Having a Community is Going to Enrich Your Life

far beyond the creative career development you are after, in fact; Your collective creative communities will have a profound impact on your personal pursuits, the life you want to live & through it all both sides provide one another with a sense of belonging, connection & care that is vital for personal growth.

The communities you build around yourself can forge lasting friendships, share life experiences, and find inspiration in places you may never have found without their input. And this isn't only for your creative projects but also for what you mean to them by sharing your daily life with those who look up to you.

So, if you're a creative soul yearning to blossom & grow into your best self, remember that the journey is far more enriching when travelled with individuals who get you.

And in the Self-Mastery Membership there are Mindful Masters waiting to welcome you home!

It's the perfect place to nurture your personal pursuits, give creative expression to what your Soul wants & surround yourself with a supportive community who not only help you develop your creative career but also experience personal growth that is nothing short of transformational.

Join a creative community, support your fellow creatives, and watch as your own talents and creative spirit flourish, helping you to unlock your best self and reach your highest potential.

Unlock your true potential & become part of our vibrant creative community.

Embrace the Opportunity to Nurture your Personal Pursuits, Express your Soul's desires, and Immerse Yourself in a Nurturing Environment Dedicated to Your Creative Growth, Personal Growth & Inner-understanding of Your Homecoming & Alignment.

Experience a transformational journey alongside fellow creatives, empowering each other to reach new heights in your creative careers and personal development. Don't miss out on this chance to flourish and become your best self.

Much Love

xo Tanya

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