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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Inspiration always comes around again

Isn't it funny how rainy days can gently nudge us into a direction where we can find new inspiration for projects. Those quiet hours and the drizzling sound of rain just beyond the window.

I paged through one of my completed Sketchbooks and remembered that I hosted a Sketchbook Blossoms Workshop a looooong while ago. This gave me another idea and I went through the old footage. At times I had appreciation for the videos I put together with a limited amount of knowledge, a webcam and no mic and very limited free video editing tools. I remember being so proud of myself for actually pulling it off.

While there were clear visuals on the work surface and you can follow along with each lesson, and a few people loved that class... it is currently being re-imagined with new video footage and much, much better sound.

We all have to start somewhere and with what we have at the time or else we will simply never get round to doing anything.

You see my Arty Friends, I used to be a real pain in the keister perfectionist, to the point of actually irritating myself. I decided not to be so pedantic about everything and cut myself some slack. Not everything has to be done perfectly. Neither is there one right way of doing things, but I still attempt to do thing in a way that constitutes "better" in a manner of thinking them through before blindly diving in, because I'm absolutely not reckless or irresponsible either. These days I focus on being my own best version while working towards a fulfilling creative life where I get to do everything I love to do.

Being an Artist, Surface Pattern Designer & Creative Entrepreneur with a background in Natural Healing & Hair Styling is somewhat of a wild combination when you throw in Online Education. I guess that is why you'll often see many of my interest and other studies trickle in when I'm showing you things online. We are after all a combination of all the things we do everyday & a little of everyone who we come in contact with. A whole beautiful arrangement of flowers together in one vase.

Wow, what a lot of words to get to what I was talking about in the beginning, "Inspiration always comes around again" and what I have planned for the NEW AND IMPROVED


So, this is the first mention of the re-imagined Sketchbook Blossoms Workshop, you could say it is the 2021 version & I'm really excited to complete all the lessons. Bringing the fresh new Sketchbook Blossoms 2021 Workshop to your door & helping you to unwind while you learn how to draw, paint and create flowery goodness in your life. The mention of this plan I have can be seen on my YouTube Channel in the video "Relaxing Art Moments & a Chat"

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