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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Overcoming camera shyness & an updated photo

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Cameras & Creativity can be fun!

Over the past few months I've been making appearances on more videos & the response from you guys has been awesome. Some have even asked me to share the source of my new "vibe" & how I became more comfortable behind the camera?

So, today, the 19th of June 2021, I have a little secret to share... I also take Skillshare Classes & one of my favourite teachers, Lucy Lambriex taught me how have more courage in front of the camera. Click the "sign up to take Lucy's Class" button to go straight to a

1 month free entry to the Classes on Skillshare. That's right, you don't pay anything for the first 30 days, isn't that amazing? And this class is only 22 minutes and it is filled to the brim with only the most helpful information.

So here is a short version of my own experience with Lucy's Class. At first I wasn't sure if I actually wanted to be on camera? Then I realised that she was also a teacher & the way to connect with your students is through a visual experience. Well, here I am today writing this post about Overcoming Camera Shyness on a Blog Post about creativity & Art, what gives?

Not only did I want to share this story with you because so many asked me about it, but it does tie in with creativity in a big way, especially when you share your Art online or want a pretty picture that doesn't look like a selfie from model-monsters-inc., I'm sure you've deleted a fair deal of ugly photos since the rise of smart phones.

Her approach to being relaxed & casual also shifts your perspective of yourself image and the way our facial muscles react when under stress. I'll show you some before photo's here.

You can literally see the strain on my face, even on the ones I was trying to put on that fake smiley face. But as Lucy's information start to sink in & I became more at ease with the camera while following her guidelines, it becomes clear that there was a definite tension I was trying to hide.

Next came the fun part where I had to apply the techniques she shared. First I thought 'what silliness is this?' & 'how the heck is this going to help?'

Well, let me tell you, this was so much fun & it worked! Here are some of the silly photos...

Spot the difference & see how the tension eases off my face as we reach the next set of images. Listen, even on a day where I spent the morning in the garden with tied up hair & no make-up on my face, I still ended up with a few photos that I actually liked.

Taking all the advice to heart & making the effort to practice the exercises made a difference in how I felt about the camera. My new profile photo was also taken during a session with more of Lucy's advice. Taking in her longer class called The Authentic Portraiture Toolkit || Capture the Real Person, Camera Shy or Not

Every time I had to be in front of the camera, I set everything up, step away for a moment, jog on the spot, massage my scalp & make "brrr-brrr" sound with my mouth & the results are so much better. The exercises truly moved the stagnant energy & tension to help bring out a relaxed person, making room for a really authentic, teeth showing smile. See the final photo below as I round up the session with the last batch of images. I learned so much from lucy & how to loosen up before you even take the first photo.

The final image I'll show you was about the 38th photo from beginning to the end of my 30 minute photo session with me as the camera woman & the subject.

Thank you Lucy, I appreciate your classes & I know my friends, students & family will love to take your class & enjoy it as much as I did.

Find Lucy Lambriex and join her amazing classes.

Read more about my other creative experiences on my Blog or take some of my Creative Classes on SkillShare. We would love to see you there & until we meet in person, I added an image to update you on my camera shyness progress. Today's date is the 15th of September 2021 & I'm feeling much more comfortable behind the camera than I was a few months ago.

What do you think? Let me know below, I'd love your feedback & tell us if you took the class yet!


Tanya & Lucy


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