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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Sketchbook Project for EGAG

The scenes are painted with Gouache & portray the beautiful Gippsland Region on my "not-so-regular" walks in nature. Although it isn't always possible to take long leisurely walks, it sure is possible to capture scenes from you vehicle or through a cafe window. Many woman carry their make-up colour palettes with them, I do too, but mine is filled with paint. On any given day you'll find my Sketchbook, pencils, paint & paintbrushes in my shoulder bag or close by in my car. This way I can capture scenes that inspire me on the moment in *En Plein Air. Yes, bugs & all!

Before I share the story about the walks I go on with my Sketchbook at hand, I have to confess something. IT WAS VERY DIFFICULT TO SEND A SKETCHBOOK AWAY TO THE EAST GIPPSLAND ART GALLERY! It felt like I was being separated from my hand & heart. In it is my Art-Heart; the care, the love of the subject and the creativity I poured onto a body of work... and then to part with it is something my Art-Heart seems to fight against.

And so we come to today's post. I've decided to expand on the Sketchbook & turn it into a story book of sorts. Revealing snippets of creative thought processes while guiding you through my journey between the colourful limited palette gamuts.

The digital version of the Completed Sketchbook Project is on the ISSUU.COM website and with this link you can check it out for yourself. Please "heart" my project, it will help the Sketchbook project along.

Alternatively, you can go directly to the segment EGAG Little Blank Book PROJECT

You are free to write, draw, paint, stick, collage, scribble & use your creativity to fill the little A5 pages. Join the fun, it is open to anyone ;)

In the meantime, take a look at the project pages that are in the original 16 page Sketchbook I created from the walk in nature around my home.

Thanks to the EGAG for sending me a Sketchbook & allowing me to be part of this amazing project. To find out more, please visit the East Gippsland Art Gallery to see all the Artists Sketchbook projects

Find them here:

Address: 2 Nicholson Street Bairnsdale Victoria 3875 +61 03 5153 1988

Tuesday-Friday 10 am - 4 pm

Closed Public Holidays


Sketchbooks are your memory keepers & proof of progress, without them you'll never have an idea of your personal growth as an Artist.

Now that I've digitised & published my digital version, it is somewhat easier to part with the pages. Our Sketchbooks become part of us & sharing part of me to the world is how a renewed love for Sketchbooks can be fostered. May all local Galleries step into a Sketchbook Story of their own & may we all join in to share parts of who we are to the communities we serve. Please, Artist out there, get your "Little Blank Book", play on the pages, adorn them with love, create hundreds of paintings in them and spread your wings to the world, you'll thank me later.

*En Plein Air means "out of doors" or outdoors, outside in the fresh air. In Art the French term "En Plein Air" means to paint outside in nature and finish your outdoor painting of a natural scene, on the spot!

It is similar to Urban Sketching & a must use practice for every artist out there.

For my next adventure, I'd love to paint a Hot Air Balloon scene & float off to majestic sites with a Sketchbook, paint & great company xo

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