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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Stop Juggling with Your Ideas

In the journey of life, you could often encounter many wonderful ideas but none of it can become viable if you don't take action!

In our industry it's the people who are stuck at the starting line that are unable to take the first step towards their dreams. They may be aspiring artists, budding entrepreneurs, or someone with a project that needs to see the light of day but if this is you & you are overthinking things instead of doing something, you Creative Career will stay a thing in your head...

However, in all the years I've been resolving Creative Career problems, one thing remains clear, Creatives are held back by three things. First up is emotional baggage, the second is bitching & complaining, and the third is boredom.

Having emotional baggage is a human thing, not a Creative person thing... We all have some aspect of negativity lingering in our minds & that usually goes hand-in-hand with a lack of enthusiasm. As a guide for you to find this useful today, my heart wants to pamper you back to life but being your mommy right now isn't going to get you moving forward. What you need in times like this is a way to overcome these hurdles.

So, here's how I'll help you curb these three things today!

We'll take a look a getting rid of outdated emotional baggage, stopping the habit of complaining about what you don't have, and taking it up a notch by banishing boredom from your life for good. But you have to work with me to get the results you are after. Are you ready? Here we go!

1. Getting Rid of Outdated Emotional Baggage

Emotional baggage can be a heavy burden, often rooted in past experiences, trauma & bad habits that are meant to "keep you safe". But in this safety net you simply won't make the move to go ahead & do something your mind considers to be painful.

This clouds your reasoning & judgement about what must be done to get ahead of the pack, not to mention hinder your progress towards success.

So, here's some encouragement for you to break free from your own mental slavery. You have to confront these emotions in order to understand their origins. You cannot bury the past in a mountain of self destructive emotions anymore. It's time to work through them. It can be a simple practice like going through the Free Workbook "Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds" or it could involve seeking professional help. In any event you'll need to unburden yourself from any of these emotional fragments... yes, I said fragments! They are but fragments on our journeys. And with practices like mindfulness, or a simple open-hearted chat to a professional an honest conversation about those trapped emotions can be life changing.

By shedding this type of emotional weight, Andrea finally figured out how they could move forward with a lighter heart, a clearer direction & a set of skills to get started with their Creative Career.

What did Andrea do differently to other Creatives? They took the first steps to "Overcome the Dream Crushing Weeds"

2. Stop Complaining About What You Don't Have

It's so easy to look out into the world & loose focus on what we have. This outlook spreads ideas in your head about lack.

This lack mentality could be around a specific skill you believe you still need before you take any action forward. It is not a new skill you need, it is a proactive ability to use the skills you have. A type of resourcefulness we were all born with is to figure things out as we go. But the internet has managed to somehow dumb us down to our own abilities. When last did you sit with a problem & figured it all out without the help of Google?

I know it is easy to click a few keywords into a search engine & to be showered with more solutions than you could ever watch in one day... And that is the problem. IF you relied on your own abilities to create a customised solution based on your specific abilities you wouldn't need to fly before you could properly walk anyway!

Why do you believe you need some more skills or another opportunity to roll on over if you already have so many skills to do exactly what you need to do.

This human weakness isn't real, its a negative mindset that can be paralyzing to your progress. Instead of thinking you need something more or worst complaining about it, help your mindset shift the focus towards the skills you do have.

Today I want to encourage you to leverage those existing skills & the mountains of resources! In fact, I want to challenge you to look at what you have right now that could move your Creative Career forward instead of waiting for some skill to appear out of nowhere & save you from yourself.

Gentle Reminder for Today: Everyone starts somewhere... that progress you're hoping to get to can only happen if you start doing the little things that get you there. It also doesn't matter how small they are, it will all count towards your progress in the end.

3. Banishing Boredom from Your Life

Boredom can be a sign of no direction & in some cases a pure lack of purpose.

There's nothing wrong with you. You may feel a little unmotivated at this point or you just don't know what excites you the most about being a Creative. The only way to find out is by doing something that gets the creative juices flowing. Not only for your hands to participate in the actions of creating, but for your head & heart to combine the ideas & passions that feel like the things you would do even if you never monetized them.

This could be getting busy with a particular project you've been putting off. It could be to turn a practice into a Creative Career, or even to shift that hobby into creator mode by refining it to be something more.

Whatever you decide to do, you must pursue these interests to constantly figure out new ways to do the things you are passionate about instead of going out in procrastination mode to learn more about something you probably already have enough knowledge about. The opportunities are abundant out there. So, by keeping your mind engaged in an activity to curb boredom, your hearts most passionate desires will come to life.

All you really need to do to curb boredom is to banish it by injecting some excitement into your life! It's those boring rituals keeping you stuck in a rut. Go DO SOMETHING FUN!

If any of these tips helped you to start thinking about projects to drive your Creative Career forward & you need a little more help. Reach out, we are happy to help you get started in the most rewarding endeavour of your life.

By letting go of emotional baggage you literally shift your ideas into action, and you'll start doing more than you complain while banishing boredom for good. This is going to be a whole new "You" who will feel more empowered to take on your big dreams & improve your outlook on life.

I'm inviting you to go through the free Workbook called "Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds" And make those life changing choices. It is this specially designed resource that will help you tackle the obstacles that hold you back from making progress.

And for those ready to step into their Creative Careers:

See how to reach the $2K mark every week by watching the Free Presentation that will reveal the 3 Critical Keys to Creative Career Success. Reaching the two thousand dollar mark every week is a brave step towards financial wealth & freedom for you * it is possible with the right guidance. It is entirely achievable for you & it is only the beginnings of what is possible.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So, what are you waiting for? Take that step today!

Much Love

xo Tanya

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