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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

The Turning Point Comes When You...


It would be really easy to stand on the sidelines & say "Here is a step-by-step way to unlocking your Creative Career". The turning point you face right now may only come to you when there's something tangible to implement.

So, for today let's remember how capable you are & how far you've already come in this wild beautiful world of creativity.

Thinking of how the great logical minds like Albert Einstein, Nichola Tesla, or Isaac Newton used their knowledge we cannot exclude the facts that they also balanced that out with creativity! We can literally say they were adept at logical thinking, phenomenal reasoning, mathematics & rational, yet, their work was deeply innovative & geared around problem solving.

Did you know that creative problem solving is your greatest strength?

If you continue to inspire your Creative Career through collaboration, community, logic & blend it with creativity, all your problems would be solved.

Remember, the fusion of our combined gifts, skills & abilities is a powerful catalyst for success on your creative entrepreneurial journey. Just as these legendary thinkers navigated their paths with a harmonious blend of analytical powers, imaginative thinking, you too can leverage your abilities in a hive mindset to strategically shape your creative ventures. It must be a win-win for all as each person has at least one area they excel in & that combination packs a punch.

Now don't confuse the community hive with the breakaway from the pack mentioned in this article, "we as a community" is a unit of conscious minds that come together as a creative force to further our careers whereas "the pack" refers to those who are not likely to make it in our industry because they simply do not take the right actions!

Embrace your unique mind, your unique gifts, skills & abilities while forming bonds with a community that understands you & where you are heading towards. Watch as it becomes the driving force behind your unparalleled success.

You are a Creative. You are a Visionary. You are Multi-passionate Thinker. You are Ready! And not only are you ready, you are ready to the thing you've always wanted to do!

In the vibrant world of creativity, turning your passions into a thriving Creative Career is a journey filled with discovery, challenges, unimaginable potential & people who want what you have. Which by the way, you've probably given way more thought than what was necessary. Too much thinking leads to overthinking. Coming back to yourself, you are able to navigating the complexities of a struggling career, or pinpoint the launch of a product, a new adventure, or aspire to scale your current gifts, skills & abilities to heights you've only ever dreamed of.

When will that turning point come?

1) When Your Creative Rhythm & Resilience Align

In it we uncover the power of understanding what a unique journey would look like to you. In it there comes a translation of accumulated knowledge that can build a Creative Career based on what make your brand deeply unique. Having this power gives all you business strategies that vibrant alignment with your most productive skills & maximises on the hours it takes you to do that... In return you'll gain a more synchronized, creatively placed workflow & supercharge your energy levels.

2) Micro-Habits

Micro habits are not anything new in our industry but when it is used incorrectly it can be your downfall instead of being the Secret Weapon of Success you may need right now.

To dive into the world of micro-habits & discover how these small, consistent actions can revolutionize your career successes. During one of your productive days, monitor how you implement tiny, intentional habits so that you can use them again to pave the way for more significant results on a consistent basis. These all compound to bring you an accelerating path to reach regular successful days.

3) Make Quantum Leaps in Your Learning Phases for Growth

You don't have to explore unconventional learning techniques to skyrocket your knowledge. Rather just use what is already working. For me the Feynman method has worked wonders in the learning process. The main idea behind the technique is to take something that's hard to understand & clarify it in your mind by pulling it apart in a way a child would understand. In doing this, our brains don't resist the information it is given, it starts to explore the possibilities of how valuable it is & then bridges the gap between where you were before you learned this new thing to where it becomes helpful to you.

This easier to comprehend method spaces out difficult elements that are easily repeatable. Then with it's logic broken into small pieces the strategic doing part also becomes easier. The result >>> empowerment of knowledge & a faster turnaround at the back end.

It is right here where you'll gain the edge in your area of expertise. The cycle of learning, processing & implementing is not done by most, but it will be your new advantage.

The only questions is, will you stay stuck in one cycle or will you take one concept at a time & make it manifest in your Creative Career?

4) Reverse Engineering Your Business Goals

Learn the art of reverse engineering your objectives. By starting with your end vision, that beacon of light becomes the thing you are working towards. Not from the difficult part but from the last step to the first by working backwards.

This is a discovery phase where all the actionable steps you'll need to take will transform your dreams into a tangible reality. Unearthing not just a pathway there but the actual roadmap that is designed around your best traits, best strategies, best assets & in line with what your vision stands for.

If this specific roadmap revolves around what you have, your assets becomes so deeply valuable in a market that reaches far ahead of the pack.

5) Networking for Influence

Every time you come in contact with another human you are making a unique contact that is considered networking. Networking with other like-minded individuals, then with groups & later with companies & brands will elevate your Creative Career.

Networking uncovers the magic that happens for your benefit when all kinds of individuals collaborate on a project. Forget about competition with others, you must only be in competition with yourself, the rest are considered allies!

And we forge alliances with our allies to not only expand our network of contacts but also to open doors so that both parties can walk through winners. It is one of the most unprecedented opportunities you could master as a Creative in a Creative Career.

Now, imagine implementing these alongside "the Thing" you are trying to birth into the world... tailored to your unique creative flair... delivered to the world like only you can & then being wildly successful at it as well.

To delve deeper into these strategies & uncover the Secret Formula to Reach $2K a Week or more, I invite you to watch my free presentation, it contains the 3 Critical Keys to reach consistent income goals & the the seven 'hidden' secrets other very successful millionaires in our industry is using. This formula for Creative Career Success can transform the way you see abundance & it is a wonderful resource designed for ambitious creatives just like you, who want to earn an above average income & scale your small business or even turn your hobby into a more permanent income.

Now it's your turn to Take Action!

If you've read this far, you're ready to make your creative dreams a flourishing reality? Watch my free presentation, discover the tools, catapult your own success & Book a Strategy Call with me to tailor these methods to your unique product, your unique set of skills & make your life's journey one filled with more abundance.

Your success begins with the turning point. That moment when you've suffered enough to say yes to the tools, the insights in today's article & when you say yes to a Strategy Call to unleash your creativity, take decisive action, and watch your business soar.

I don't know about you but there is something so DIVINE in celebrating our gifts, skills & abilities by making use of it for our lasting success!

Much Love

xo Tanya

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