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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

What it means to go Beyond…

Noticing how so many of the great names I grew up with are passing on from this plane of existence, I’m once again reminded of how much more we must pursue the things we want in life.

Here’s to the people who wasted away on regrets. To the ones who let their “music” die in stillness…

Here’s to the ones who kept on hoping that someone will come to save them…

Here’s to the others who never dreamed big enough…

Here’s to the hopeless who believed they were not worthy…

To the ones who think the world owes them a price for the suffering they endured when in fact they were only one choice away from being free to do great things.

So many of these ones were my friends & they all gave up on their dreams before they even tried. Lost potential, forgotten dreams & not a notable win ever acknowledged because of their negativity. Over 40 years I’ve noticed how so many never made a big wish, never saw a little win or bothered to go beyond what was possible. They never stopped to notice the beauty around them & they certainly never stopped to smell the Roses.

Mark Twain reminded me of something when I read:

“Don’t give up on your dream. When they are gone you may still exist, but you may have ceased to really live.”

Every one of the flowers in the vase will fade as the time comes for them to wither away. Our seasons will come from failures & take us into our new Spring awakening to embrace the new cycle of life. Maybe this time the big dream will come to life as the old habits fade like the flowers from yesterday.

That is one of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned. Turning bad habits into good ones. And here are a few more we can watch out for in our own lives to make sure we don’t pass with the music still in us:

- To go beyond the fear of making mistakes. Go beyond fear!

- To go beyond the areas we are so used to linger in. Go beyond the comfort zone!

- To go beyond the limits of revenge to love what is possible. Go beyond hate!

- To go beyond the refusal to change. Go beyond being stuck!

- To go beyond the past. Go beyond anger!

To go beyond the feelings of being trapped, wallowing in victim-hood & staying where you are. Instead of going to the new places where you can blossom & grow.

You see, it isn’t enough to simply sit & hope for something to happen, we must start every single day with the melody of what we want in our hearts. We must sing like the birds sing about the new day that brings the new things that help us go beyond the things we were no able to do yesterday. It takes courage, it takes determination, it takes perseverance & it takes you beyond yourself!

Whether or not you want to hear this or not, there is no-one standing in your way to get to where you want to go but you. Your next choice, your next move, your next habit.

This thing we call habits is simply a repeated discipline. A thing we must keep on doing to make sure undisciplined things don’t rule our lives.

This genuine habitual training of our minds, our hands & our hearts is the only way to make sure we can let go the old things that kept us stuck, build the habits that move us forward. To find the thing we want, to sustain the new way of seeing, to establish a new manner of doing what is right.

We can never be wrong when we do the right thing!

And we must never settle for the wrongs perceived. We must learn not to take everything so personal & instead learn to use our heads to bring our big dreams to life, not to let it take us back to the things that didn’t work. Why on earth would you continue to go down a road that’s broken. Following the road less travelled is a little scary, but think of what you could see, could learn & who you could meet.

I know I don’t talk much about the Soul’s journey but today I wanted you to know that even our Soul’s Purpose is urging us to go beyond what we are feeling right now. Not to do something stupid, but to make sure you sing your song before you would not be able to. To take yourself beyond what you thought possible before & stop making all the same mistakes again.

Imagine what your dream could look like when you are doing the things you want to do & look towards finding your way to the things you were meant to have. Nobody is better equipped to achieve their dream outcomes than others. It’s simply a matter of having a new set of skills. A renewed outlook on what you want & then doing it.

Someone recently mentioned that their big dream, if accomplished, would be the ultimate revenge. I had to stop her from continuing as that was not what it was about. You cannot build your happiness & joy on a plot to revenge everyone who did you dirty. It’s about going beyond that. Going past the whole revenge-thing & seeing your own greatness in overcoming such an ordeal. You must do it for yourself, not for revenge.

The moment your mindset is on taking revenge, the lives you impact with your outcome, successful or not will become a burden. It will take away your happiness & destroy any joy you could have had. No, no, no, what you do in the times of finding yourself between the rubble of broken promises & a healing heart is not about the ultimate revenge. It’s about the love you have for the dream inside of you to come to life & teach you how to go beyond what you went through & to feel connected to love, to the oneness of the 'music' in you.

To journey inside yourself mans to find a quiet place to hear the voice of love calling you to receive more... to be more... to have more... to share more of the abundance you’ve been blessed with.

It also means not to think about revenge on the ones who hurt you. The scars you’ve gathered along the way does not go away when you take revenge, it goes away when you honour the voice inside that says: “I Love You Unconditionally.”

Forgive. Shower your life with Gratitude & allow the endless stream of joy to be part of the present moment you get to live right now. Choose to start every day with the birds & sing your love song with them. They hold a secret you can only discover when you let go of what was & allow the new day to bring you a new song.

As Anne May Bullock said: “What does love have to do with it?”


Love grows when you trust your calling.

Love grows when you trust your healing.

Love grows when you learn to love first.

Love grows while your healing takes place.

Love grows when you renew your mind.

Love grows when you inspire others to live their dreams.

Love grows when you are empowered to do greater things.

Love grows while you do the right things.

Love makes us better people.

To love & let others love in their way makes us feel safe. Love grows to bring us closer to the place where you get to follow your heart. Love is the only thing you need to fill your life with. It is where you find the journey you were meant to be on & so many more fulfilling adventures can be found along the way.

We must keep singing the music within us. It will take us beyond ourselves & into what we are truly meant to be.

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