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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

3 Days Notice!

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

For the FIRST TIME EVER I created Artwork to share with my Members; a token of my dedication to help You on this Journey.

Over the past few emails & articles I was mainly focused on the “Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds Workbook” as so many people needed help with their weeds… But I also realized that everyone’s weeds of doubt, negative misconceptions of themselves & struggles started out because we don’t come into this world with an instruction manual.

It is one of those things we need to either learn the hard way or find a Mentor to help us. Now I am by no means an expert at every part of life, but I’ve learned so many beautiful things through the Courses & Workshops I’ve been taking over 35 Years. Some might say that I am ‘the eternal student’ & in a way they might be right. My belief is that we cannot learn enough about how to create a wonderful Life for ourselves. Especially since we’ve been programmed to grow up believing that we need to get a job, get married & produce the next batch of workers. Now that is not me!

Even when I had my very first job, I stood out as an Entrepreneur. At the time I didn’t know what I was creating was even called by some personal development & in higher fields of learning a journey of self-mastery.

Yes, I’ve mentored woman from the age of Nineteen when my boss at the time entrusted me with the new student who came into the company. He said that I was “Reliable & Relatable".

Skipping ahead a few years, by the time I was Twenty-Three I began teaching a small group of ladies how to plan their days to fit in everything from a hair appointment to the kids rugby schedules & make time to read their favourite books, cook a home-made meal & treat themselves to a bubble bath. Believe me when I say this, the generous nature of giving ourselves a gift as wonderful as self-mastery can begin by simply accepting that Your Life’s Joy is in Your hands. Knowing this might mean that You are in need of a Mentor like myself.

So, from early on I began building up my proverbial library of what I wanted the Great Life to look like & saw how many areas were in dire need of restoration.

People were mindlessly living mediocre existences while very few even looked happy about being alive. Drugged by soap operas on tv & wrung dry by their lifestyle choices… I felt sorry for them because I knew how much better this thing called Life really is.

My mentoring turning point came when a friend knocked at my door at 2:13am one morning. She had just found out her husband was having an affair with an older woman. She was struck out of the blue with this horrific betrayal & wanted a Reiki Session with me.

After hugs, tea & a box of tissues, I settled her into a meditative state while playing a recorded soundtrack of a very old Guided Meditation track by Louise Hay. My friend fell asleep on the floor that day with the sweet sounds of an encouraging human who laid the foundations of something so profound that she turned into one brilliant individual. Humble as always, Caroline & I remained friends until she passed away in 2006, the same year I went through my own heartbreaking divorce.

Do you know what the preceding eight years did for me & Caroline? It incidentally changed both our lives forever.

Now I cannot promise to make all Your problems go away… but I do have many insights to life that might surprise You when You first learn about them.

And just to be clear, I don’t teach people how to heal from a divorce, how to stop smoking or how to cook three dinners every evening because our family has different dietary needs, or how to love your LGBT child with all your heart

Nope. But what I do teach You is:

  • To Know Yourself inside out so that You can make the changes.

  • How to stay motivated no matter what is going on in Your Life.

  • Where to place Your focus when Life gives You Lemons.

  • When to open up & Blossom on Your Journey to Greatness.

  • How To Grow into the person You want to be & become a success story.

  • Where to find the answers if nothing else is working.

I’m not the magic pill that will solve all Your problems....

I have resources, workbooks, video lessons, workshops & heaps of creative stuff to help You on Your Journey to Self-Mastery.

I’ve been on many dirt roads in my life, but I never gave up on myself… And I can teach You how to do that for Yourself!

There are always options for You.

Option 1

If You wanted to try out the Membership, why not take the Free 7-Day Trial on the Monthly Membership. It’s a quick start to see if You might like working with me.

Option 2

You can join as a Monthly Member & receive the 1st Quoted Postcard as a digital file & have access to all the Sections & Steps to work through for the next 30 days.

(The other Postcards will be delivered digitally one every month for as long as You stay.

Option 3 (the best offer)

Or get The Yearly Self-Mastery Membership for an Entire Year & Receive the Set of 12 Quoted Postcards Printed & wrapped, included in the Welcome Gift Pack, delivered in the Mail. As a Bonus when You *sign up for the Yearly Self-Mastery Membership You’ll also get a few other goodies in the Gift Pack straight from the Studio... which I'll leave as a surprise until You receive Yours!

With afterpay as another plus on the checklist of savings & payment possibilities!

(Available in Australia)

THEN COMES THE BONUSES (Drum roll please!!!)

There are two more Bonuses included for You in the Yearly Self-Mastery Membership:

BONUS 1 valued at AU$369 (free for You):

The 21-Day Mindful Sketchbook Practices Course

BONUS 2 valued at AU$99 (Included with a Sign-up):

A Mentorship Call with me via Zoom

*That is a saving of $468

+ one month free (another AU$25 off)

as you only pay for 11 months!

Compare Our Membership Prices clicking the Pink Button

I would love to have You become Your Greatest Version & the Membership is a Wonderful, Safe place to Grow!

Remember, there's only 3 days left.

Sign up for the Self-Mastery Membership if You haven't yet... You are worth it!

There's only 3 days left! Sign up for the Self-Mastery Membership if You haven't yet...

This is what other students have said about Me & What I've done for them:

(some contents is not shown & our member’s names are not shown due to our high privacy regulations – unless the members wants to be named)

L. Delacroix said:

"Xxxxxxx... thank you Tanya, I am thoroughly enjoying doing this for myself. It's right up there with the love you share for humans which warms my heart:)"

Belinda Stewart said:

“I have been having lots of A-ha moments thanks to you… xxxx’s project is actually really coming together, and I'm organizing an exhibition next summer… I have so many ideas… I've actually been freed up and majorly productive with something that's super important to me and that I've been stuck on. And it's been EASY!!!!!!!!!!!! So again a massive 'thank you' to you, my wonderful mentor.”

Sabra from Castles in the Skye said:

"Tanya, I feel so blessed to find you amongst the flowers Literally! ...I have been healing from emotional abuse for the last few years, but I felt stuck’ and needed help honing in on moving forward with my purpose. I immediately entered into a state of ease in the beginning of our first call. Though I feel I am currently pushing through the uncertain times as a boat floats through the fog; I feel much more clarity about my gift of creative expression that must be shared with the world (even if I don’t feel ‘ready’) I must take action.

By you doing what you love, Tanya, it inspires & awakens the hearts of others.

Thank you for helping me see that there really is a magical theme running through stages of my life.

Our castle (and our higher self) is there to help us harness the power of potential within, so we can choose to see the gift in our pain and live to our fullest potential …so I’m saving every stone thrown my way and I’ll be using them to build my castles!"

Sophia S. said:

"I hear your heart in every word you share... I need to show up for me more often. I am so happy I found you, you really are the human heart I needed to show me the way back to myself! Thank you beautiful Tanya."

Anonymous from Lakes Entrance:

"I have never felt so inspired by one person... her way of speaking and doing creative things while living a mindful life encouraged me to start taking care of myself in a big way."

In Person Student said:

"She is really artistic and I never thought I would be learning creativity, life mastery and art concepts from a self-taught artist but it has cleared up misconceptions I had since my University days.

Where were you 10 years ago?..."

Thank You to everyone who has so gracefully shared their testimonials & their Journeys. May we Grow & Blossom even more with all the upcoming contents in the Membership!

Much Love

xo Tanya

PS: I love it when all of you email me with little Love-Notes like these & remember, I'm available if you have any questions

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Unknown member
Apr 12, 2023

Beautifully said! Yes all the answers lies within ourselves!

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