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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

What Do You See?

Looking back at the past few years, what are you noticing about your life? Are you on autopilot running your mind on everything that happened in the past?

Maybe you are trying to overcome some aspect of your past of getting over something; who knows, maybe you are getting to know the people around you on a level where things look like they are starting to crumble apart?

It won't come as a surprise then to notice how you might beginning to understand yourself a little more as well. Have you been playing the game of life with someone else who is not in alignment with your ideals, your philosophies, your mindset or are those relationships simply stagnant? What do you see happening in your life right now?

Yes, there are many questions we can continue to ask but the most important one I guess is this... Are you happy?

It has come to my attention that someone who I know 'kind of well' is going through what I would call a midlife-depression. They are also showing signs of self-hatred, resentment, guilt & a rejection of reality. It's sad really because they cannot see it. Not because they can't pick up the subtle cues of their own behaviour, but because they are continuing on that path not willing to admit to themselves that they need help. So what's happening instead is they are punishing others & redirecting their anger onto the people who are trying to help them.

Okay, let's back-track a couple of months. During April I shared in the Self-Mastery Membership how to talk to ourselves, and here is a snippet of that video lesson....

A snippet from the Self-Mastery Membership, find out more here

There are so many things you can begin to say to yourself to feel happier, but when we start saying them with a deeper meaning & use their solutions to find the joy in ourselves, you will find that ever elusive happiness.

As I wrote these statements, I had to admit that there is probably a million things we must start saying to ourselves, but I thought ten things would be a good start & matter most for our current discussions.

One aspect remains, we need to show up in our Own Lives! Not because we must make the route to work or put the coins in the bank... no, it must be for the pursuit of happiness. If you are doing anything else but attempting to find your happiness, you are going to fall victim to this thing called unhappiness!

And before you go there, understand that your mind can either work for you or it can work against you. How many times today have you thought about a negative thought or taken on someone's ideas as your own, only to realize they were blocking you from experiencing that thing you wanted to do??? Free your mind creative & stop the negative self-talk along with the vibes others are pushing out in the world. Nothing good has ever come from strife, only more unhappiness.

Just in the last three day I've heard people blame others for their life circumstances & I'm going to be really blunt here & say to that: "You have a brain my friend, use it to unlock your mind. You don't need to follow the sheep, become a damn lion instead." If you still have things you need to overcome then the free workbook can see you through a bunch of obstacles of your own. It doesn't even need to be negative, maybe it is just a little habit you need to identify.

Download it HERE

With the month of Gratitude we also learned how to be a little more grateful for the small things in our lives. My eyes opened to so many things I previously didn't notice & all the beauty we could see in the world. I must admit that I tend to get a very selfish when it comes to my quiet time when I go within & savour a few moments inside my Sketchbooks. Sometimes it not even to create something new, but to look at what I have created & adding layers over places that need a little more attention. Does this sound familiar? Sure, we can all revisit our Gratitude statements to be reminded & we can also revisit our day to day activities to see where we can improve on our lives.

Catch all the Gratitude contents over on our Facebook Page. You can join it to share your Sketchbook Pages & the creativity you get up to. I would love to see where your ideas go...

"Today I'm so grateful to have hands that love to create, to give back to life & hands that can share."

I know it is hard to climb those mountains that may or may not lead to the life you want. But what if climbing it is the life you were meant to have? Seeing how the journey unfold because by the time we reach the end, the enjoyment of seeing the view from the top will only be a brief glimpse to see how far we've come?

More success often means climbing yet another mountain & that is an attitude I believe we as humans must adopt. It's not about moving the mountain, or climbing the mountain... It's about every footpath you take & the rocks you need to move to reach the place where you'll be able to say, I was happy all along that journey. For that I'll gladly sign up & give myself credit for.

So, here is my question again: "Are you happy?"

Can you for once show yourself some compassion towards the required help you may need to find that little happy place inside of you. It doesn't have to be this huge undertaking, it can be a few minutes outside in the sun or a milkshake in the park... Just take care of your needs before the world starts feeling like a place you don't want to live in anymore.

You need to say that you love you & care about yourself. And I mean it You must really love & care about yourself enough to stand up for your needs.

There's really nobody who knows you in the way that you do & to tap into yourself like this is what brings about your life in the path of laid out pebbles of successes. As each one of these small pebbles comes together to bring you that beautiful view, you become so much closer to what you really want to receive from life... Inner HAPPINESS!

Take care of yourself until we chat again.

Much Love

xo Tanya

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